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Oh yes he can.

Before I get into my latest highlight post, I should probably apologize for my attack of the dunk fetish posts this week. It’s just the fact that college basketball season is here in full-force and there are a lot of college aerial acts worth bringing to your attention. This one from Kentucky freshman Darius Miller, while not in Paul George or Chris Wright’s league, is still an attention getter.

I admire the defender decision to not commit himself, therefore, avoiding the relative humiliation that goes along with being posterized. Wait, what?

Darius Miller

Looks like he didn’t get out of the way quickly enough. So what’s worse? Being dunked on and having digitally captured for eternity or trying to get out of the way before someone dunks on you? I’m going with the former because in that case, at least you tried.

That’s much better than the “get me the hell out of here” look.