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Terrence Jones

Normally, dancing, at least, in relation to college basketball, is saved the for end of the college basketball season, but with schools officially starting their season — well, practice anyway — last Friday, it’s quite apparent dancing is the thing at the start of the season, too. Whether it was Bill Self and his squad acting out various pop groups, or Kentucky’s women’s basketball coach showing everyone how to “Dougie,” it’s clear just about everyone in college basketball had dance fever to open the season.

First off, Bill Self and his awesome sense of self-deprecation:

And then there was Matt Mitchell showing the world the right way to “Dougie”

Speaking of the “Dougie,” Texas A&M’s president got in on the fun, as well:

Just out of curiosity, but does anyone know why the basketball event was held on A&M’s football field? I know football is king in Texas, but man, the Aggies have a pretty decent basketball program, so why not keep in their facility?

As for the dancing, UNC got down as well. Bonus: It was with their dance team, too; so you know the players just loved it:

Of course, Kentucky’s ball players got in on the dancing fun, something they said they’d do, and if the fan reaction was any indication, the dances were a hit:

Jones wasn’t the only Wildcat who danced in the new season, either. Keep an eye out for Josh Harrellson doing “The Carlton” (around the 4:00 mark going forward) and Doron Lamb come through like he promised he would (5:24 mark).

And that, folks, is how college basketball returned to your life: It danced its way back.