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MMs Ad

Earlier today, Darren Rovell introduced to a March Madness-related ad from M&Ms. In it, they used the likenesses of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately, the guys at Mars, Inc. used their professional colors instead of, you know, their college colors. Magic in yellow is, of course, a nod to his Laker years, much like the Celtic green with Bird. The problem is, Bird’s college colors are blue and Magic’s are green. I understand the mistake–to a point.

Yes, both are synonymous with their professional teams, but seeing how they took part in one of the most important National Championship games ever–in effect, bringing March Madness to the masses–wanting to see Bird and Magic’s M&M avatar in their collegiate colors is only natural. With that in mind, I thought I’d do some quick-and-dirty color alterations in an effort to correct this oversight. Magic’s green is a little light for Michigan State, but you get the picture.

It’s better than using professional colors for a college basketball event.

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