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Cardinals Down

Still catching up from all the Thanksgiving fun, so excuse the tardiness of this post. I find college basketball to be much more enjoyable than college football. I understand this is blasphemy to some people, but I do have my reasons: one of them being watching mid-major schools beat up on the big boys. Yes, there are upsets in college football, but rarely will you see a team like Texas lose to a team like West Texas A&M. The talent gap between big time programs and smaller colleges usually proves to be too big to overcome.

The game of basketball, however, is set up to allow rec-league teams that play well together the opportunity to upset the bigger, more talented programs. Just ask college basketball’s latest victim, the Louisville Cardinals, who were outclassed by the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers on Sunday, 68-54.

Western’s win was so surprising, it forced Louisville coach Rick Pitino to issue a public apology. The highlight of the game was when WKU’s Jeremy Evans blocked a two-handed dunk attempt from stud Louisville freshman, Samardo Samuels.

Fast forward to the 1:20 mark to see Evans block Samuels.

The Hilltoppers upset bid was powered Steffphon Pettigrew and AJ Slaughter, two Kentucky natives who were passed over by the Cardinals (and the Kentucky Wildcats) during their high school recruiting process. Apparently, both schools might want to take a harder look at the in-state talent they are passing on.