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Calipari and Friends

Have you heard the news? The University of Kentucky and John Calipari might have a mutual interest in one another. If not, a lot of folks got their servers crashed for nothing. While I’m not ready to join the “It’s a done deal” crowd, signs are pointing to yes, Calipari could very well be the new coach in Lexington. In the meantime, folks have been busy with their Photoshop skills, making “Coach Cal in UK gear” images for all to enjoy.

My favorite, however, is an animated gif that gives Orson’s LSUFreek an absolute run for his money. If things work out in Kentucky’s favor, I don’t doubt the action in the upcoming image will be live and in person for all to see this spring. Enjoy. I know I did. A word of warning, however: The image is not safe for non-broadband connections … unless you like waiting for images to load.

Calipari and Friends

In case you aren’t sure, that’s Rich Brooks riding besides Calipari. In the back are Dr. Lee Todd and AD Mitch Barnhart. Oh, and don’t forget the Geico money stack with eyes on Cal’s seat.

H/t to my buddy Mike Sachoff for the find.