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It’s only December and we’ve already had a number of “Dunk of the Year” nominations in college basketball, and if it keeps up at this rate, there’s no telling what kind of dunks we’ll be seeing as the season progresses. In fact, I’m afraid we’ll lose track of these early season smashes, but then again, that’s what sites like us are here for. This latest “DotY” offering comes courtesy of Syracuse freshman, C.J. Fair, and while the dunk was his only basket, it was certainly a memorable one.

Unfortunately for Fair’s ego, his dunk didn’t make ESPN’s top plays, however. Frankly, I don’t remember 10 better plays yesterday, but then again, I didn’t see every little thing that happened in the sports world last night, thanks to the incredible Sons of Anarchy season finale.

One other interesting tidbit, while doing some quick research on Fair, I noticed he hasn’t recorded an assist yet, despite playing in all of the Orange’s seven games, and averaging 13 minutes a game. Granted, Fair is a 6-7 forward and isn’t being counted on as much as his more-tenured teammates, and because of that, he’s not as big of a component in the Orange’s set plays. Nevertheless, no assists in seven games is a bit surprising.

/Tidbit time.

So where does Fair’s dunk rank when compared to gems like C.J. Wilkerson’s or Derrick Williams‘?