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A great game between Tennessee and Oklahoma State came down the last two possessions. For Travis Ford’s Cowboys, Byron Eaton delivered with a nifty crossover, allowing him to get to the rim where he converted with an “and-one” (1:40 mark). As for the Volunteers, they failed where Oklahoma State succeeded as Tyler Smith missed a 3-pointer (ill-advised?) as time expired. Tennessee’s lose is magnified somewhat because they represent another poor tournament showing by the SEC. Out of the three teams who were invited, only LSU lives on to play another game. Meanwhile, SEC Tournament winner Mississippi State and Bruce Pearl’s Volunteers saw their post season come to a quick end.

More food for thought: Kentucky alum Travis Ford coaches Oklahoma State, and has his team in the second round. Meanwhile, Billy Gillispie has Kentucky in the NIT. How many of Kentucky’s big-time boosters are noticing such a detail?