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Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings showed up at the McDonald’s All-American festival with the best high-top fade since Arsenio and Kid… and apparently, every white announcer in the world decided to drop their street knowledge by discussing various hairstyles made popular by the Black community.

For instance (sorry, no audio), Doug Gottlieb was one of the announcers for the McDAA game last night and when they decided to focus on Jennings incredible haircut, Gottlieb just had to let the world know he knew all about the Gumby hairstyle and that he asked Jennings to consider it.

I can just imagine how that went down: “Hey, Brandon. What it be, my man? Love that `do but have you ever considered a, um, what was it now? Oh, A Gumby cut?” Jennings, “Um, no. Go away bothersome white guy trying to act cool.”

And then, on the late SportsCenter, John Anderson — this guy — decided to let everyone know that he, too rocked the high top when he was younger.


I’m guessing 3rd Bass and MC Serch’s hair was absolutely huge in Green Bay when ole John was growing up.