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As I mentioned earlier, the also-ran basketball tournaments provided some decent sports blog footage last night. From girls loving b-jays to perhaps Stephen Curry’s last collegiate game, there was something for everybody — including a 75-foot game-winner from Chris Roberts, courtesy of the Bradley/Oakland CIT Tournament game. Bradley was down by five with a minute left to play and they fought back to tie the game with 18 seconds left in the game.

And that’s when the fun began.

After Bradley tied the game, Oakland responded with what they thought was the go-ahead basket, leaving 0.9 seconds on the clock — plenty of time to heave a potential game-winner. Just ask Western Kentucky. Oh, wait. Anyway, that less-than-a-second was plenty of time for Chris Roberts to do this:

With Bradley also out of timeouts, senior forward Theron Wilson inbounded the ball to Roberts, who fired a two-handed shot from the free throw line extended on the right wing that banked in for the miraculous winner. Replays confirmed Roberts released the shot with 0.2 seconds left on the clock.

For all you folks wanting buzzer-beaters from your postseason basketball tournaments, perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. Since the Big Dance is all chalk, the under cards are providing enough drama and game-ending heroics to satisfy most college basketball fans. Of course, you have to reduce yourself to watching an also-ran tournament.

If you can handle stooping to this level, you might find some entertaining basketball. If not, Thursday is only a couple of days away.