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By now, you’ve entered one or two of the thousands of NCAA Tournament bracket challenges out there in anticipation of this upcoming weekend’s basketball cavalcade. However, sometimes those inverted pyramids can be daunting. Is Butler better than South Alabama? Will all the number one seeds make it all the way to the Final Four? Yeah, lots of questions.

So many in fact, that filling out your bracket can sometimes make you feel like this:

Keyboard Smash

As does getting three of the Final Four, only to see your officemate — one that never watches basketball — get all four teams; effectively ruining your pool-winning chances.

Concerning advice for filling out your brackets, the best bet is to just follow your gut. Don’t get too caught up in a team’s record versus the top 50 or their RPI. If you like the uniform of the a team in question and that gives you confidence in their chances, write it down.

Remember, half the fun is actually filling the brackets out. However, if you can’t come to a Final Four decision, you could always go with my initial reaction of Memphis, UConn, Tennessee, and Kansas.

As for the winner; well, you’ll have to figure that out on your own.