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Bobby KnightA word to the wise: If Texas Tech coach Bob Knight is hunting on or near your property, your best bet is to ignore him and hope that he’ll either go away or won’t shoot you with a shotgun full of birdshot pellets… at least, that’s one version of the story going around about alleged shooting incidents involving Coach Robert Montgomery Knight.

Mary Ann Chumley said she was struck on the foot by a stray pellet on Oct. 20 in an incident she characterized as an accident. She said Knight apologized for hunting too close to her barn and she forgave him.

Another resident near the dove field said the coach and another hunter returned the next day and one of them intentionally fired a shotgun in his direction.

James Simpson told Lubbock police he was struck on the neck and back by pellets after yelling at Knight and another man he believed were hunting too close to his house.

When asked about his reaction to the story, Coach Knight said he thought the shooting claims were “absolute [expletive],” making Coach Knight one of the most eloquent speakers of our time. At least he didn’t throw a chair at them.