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By now, you’ve already seen the footage Ameer Ali’s takedown of Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin, so that’s not what this post is for. No, this is my attempt at making a point. In case you missed it, one of the first sites to post that particular highlight was The Hoop Doctors, and for their efforts, CBS ordered YouTube to pull the clip and cancel the blog’s YouTube account. Something about copyright infringement and all that. Partner-in-crime Gunaxin addressed this situation over at his blog as well.

The question I’m left with is this, what, exactly, did The Hoop Doctors do wrong that these other accounts did not:

…You get the picture. Oh, and the list of available video for that incident continues. So what, exactly, did The Hoop Doctors do to incur the wrath of CBS? Was it the intro movie at the beginning of the clip, something THD does with everyone of their videos? Perhaps, but seeing how RootZoo’s clip is still alive and kicking, I’m not sure if that’s correct either.

Was CBS simply upset a mere sports blog beat them to the YouTube punch by posting the highlights before they did? Whatever the case, there’s a large amount of hypocrisy in place thanks to CBS’ decision to railroad The Hoop Doctors. Was this a case of example-making? If so, it failed. And please spare me the “well, it is copyright infringement” argument. Everything on YouTube, except for homemade videos, could qualify for such a designation. What made THD stand out, while CBS ignored the rest of the March Madness infringement going on?