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While systematically beating down the University of Maine last night to the tune of 22 points and 10 rebounds, Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin also took control of ESPN’s Top Plays later that evening. Out of 10 possible highlights, Griffin was in 3. Think of it this way, Blake Griffin made up 30 percent of SportsCenter’s best highlights from a full slate of Wednesday night sports.

Of course, Griffin is a lot more than just highlights.

As is stands today, it’s a safe bet that Griffin and Stephen Curry are neck-and-neck for Player of the Year. Curry is the media darling — rightfully so — and Griffin is the bull-in-a-China-shop you cannot possibly ignore. Not only is he one of the most dominant players in college basketball, he does it in a quite efficient manner. In totaling his 22 points, Griffin shot 11-13 from the field. That’s really damn accurate. Oh, and he’s shooting almost 70 percent from the floor in the process.

As for Griffin’s current overall body of work — 24 points and 15 rebounds — it puts me in the mind of a former power forward who took college basketball by storm:

Griffin and LJ

That’s correct. Griffin reminds me of a more explosive Larry Johnson; and just think, Griffin is only a SOPHOMORE. LJ didn’t start dominating until he was a junior because of a JUCO stint before he joined UNLV.