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Blake Griffin, the heir to the throne of Hansbrough, is off to an incredible start this season. Currently, he’s averaging 25.6 points and an incredible 17.3 rebounds a game. Clearly, if he keeps this pace up, he’ll be an absolute shoe-in for the Player of Year award when this season comes to a close. The way things are looking, he’ll also be one of the top two picks taken in next year’s NBA Draft, provided he decides to come out.

Although, I think I’d take Griffin over Ricky Rubio, but apparently, that’s just me. Anyway, Griffin had another huge night last night that featured an awesome alley-oop dunk and an alley-oop shot to his groin from USC’s Leonard Washington.

Look! Video! It’s there. I promise.

For his efforts, Washington got ejected and Griffin went on to score 11 of his 25 points after being reminded he was indeed a male. Besides the impromptu hernia checks from opposing players, the Sooners did fairly well for themselves by holding off USC, 73-72.