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Billy Gillispie

Was last night’s loss to Notre Dame Billy Gillispie’s last game coaching the University of Kentucky? If you listen to the mounds and mounds of speculation, the answer doesn’t look positive for Gillispie, provided he even wants to stay in Lexington (link goes to PTI podcast). Did I mention there are mounds and mounds of information and speculation about Gillispie’s future? Observe:

A Sea Of Blue
Sports Frog
Rush The Court
True Blue Kentucky
Kentucky Sports Radio (they themselves have quite a bit of information)
Larry Vaught (longtime UK scribe)
KentuckySports.com (the sports site of the LHL)
Fox Sports

Like I said, mounds and mounds — and that’s certainly not all of it, or even a large percentage. If you go by the content of these posts, it looks like Billy Gillispie is indeed done in Lexington, although, UK president Lee Todd said nothing would be announced today — a stunning vote of confidence for an embattled coach.

Whether the cause of Gillispie’s apparent downfall is wins and losses or off-the-court business — in all likelihood, if something does happen, it will a combination of both — signs point to “no” as the answer to the “Will Billy be back?” question. Is this the right decision? If it’s strictly basketball, perhaps two years is a little too early to make such a choice, especially with the potential recruiting class Kentucky has coming in next season.

Conversely, losing to teams like VMI, Gardner-Webb, Georgia at home on Senior Day (to name a few), as well as finishing 8-8 in a weaker-than-normal SEC, doesn’t help your cause, regardless of how you treated the Jeannine Edwardses of the world.