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Billy Gillispie

The most celebrated Kentucky basketball coach this side of Adolph Rupp has given us reason to celebrate once again. The coach a lot of people stupidly referred to as “Billy Clyde” or “Coach Clyde” (Seriously, WTF? You come off sounding like a complete tool.) was arrested — still in Kentucky for some reason — for an alleged DUI. Gillispie was pulled over near Frankfort, and after refusing a breathalyzer, he was escorted to the Franklin County Detention Center. This is Gillispie’s third arrest for alcohol-related driving offenses, although, one set of charges was dropped.

Of course, that doesn’t change the Gillispie was caught driving the wrong way down a one-way street four years after his first DUI-related charge, one he plead guilty to, although, those charges were reduced.

Thanks to LEX18, we have some video of Gillispie’s further fall from grace:

What I can’t help wondering is why the hell Gillispie is still residing in a state where he is largely considered an abject failure? Considering his forgetful tenure with the Kentucky basketball team, coupled with a very ugly fallout, one wonders why the former coach would even want to stay in the state. Perhaps he and recently ridiculed Rick Pitino are planning on joining forces.

Speaking of Coach Pitino, I’m struck by a question: During all that unnecessary fire and brimstone yesterday, did it ever occur to him that if he hadn’t, you know, had random sex with a Kentucky cougar in a popular Italian restaurant, none of this would’ve ever happened? While he was busy admonishing the press for essentially doing its job — and trying to stick this all on Sypher — did he ever apologize for his pathetic, egotistically-driven judgment?

All things considered, Gillispie and Pitino would make a helluva coaching tandem.

Edit: Apparently, Gillispie was in town to discuss his settlement with his previous employers. Nevertheless, his excuse of he and friend were out golfing when he got pulled over at 2:45 in the morning doesn’t quite wash. Gillispie was released on his own recognizance this morning.