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Magic DonovanWhen you’ve grown accustomed to wining back-to-back NCAA titles, sub-par seasons, followed by being bounced in the first round of the SEC Tournament, apparently don’t sit well with head coaches. Just ask Billy Donovan and his Florida Gators.

After Alabama had their way with the Gators last night — securing the twice defending national champs an NIT bid — the man that left for the Orlando Magic had some choice words concerning the outlook of his team:

“You know, it’s hard for me to be excited going forward because I don’t see things being fixed,” the Florida coach said after an 80-69 loss to Alabama.

“We’re 31 games into the season, and I’m not going to sit up here and talk about youthfulness or what we don’t have or what we lost or those type of things… You want to see a group of guys really understanding what it takes to win…

“They’re not committed to it…”

I don’t think Donovan has had to use words in conjunction like this for a couple of seasons now (Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?). Apparently, he’s holding his team to the standard set by the Perfect Storm his Gators enjoyed so much. Sorry, but back-to-backs are not the norm in college basketball, Coach Donovan. You are beginning to sound like a UK fan.