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Bacon Bracket

How good does bacon go with basketball? Since bacon goes well with everything, the answer, is, of course, “just fantastic.” Seeing how it’s bracket challenge time, we thought it would be prudent for us to join in the fun. Join the IF Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge over at ESPN. I know, I know–yet another bracket you have to fill out. But wait. There’s incentive: the winner receives an already-prepared Bacon Explosion from the guys at BBQ Addicts.

That’s right. The winner gets all the pork they can handle, done up so eloquently in a roll of pure bacon-y, pork goodness. If you feel like testing that Final Four of Arizona, Utah State, American and Akron for a shot at all the bacon you can handle, step right up and submit your entry. The winning bracket will have a Bacon Explosion mailed to them at an address of their choosing, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you think gift cards, iPods and cash rewards are overrated and want to put your bracket-picking skills to a challenge with a true prize, make sure you join the IF Bacon Explosion Challenge.

You want the opportunity to win a lot of bacon, right? You like March Madness, right? Of course you do. Unlike the Dow, bacon’s only going to get bigger in 2009, so don’t miss your chance to win what has to be considered the standard bearer of bacon recipes.