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Apparently, he’s a fan of Christian Laettner as well. In a move that contributed to his Houston Cougars team giving the game away, Aubrey Coleman, after getting rung up for a charging call against Arizona’s Chase Budinger, Coleman decided he’d try his curb-stomping skills on Budinger’s face. While an official could see him, meaning, not only did Coleman act like an ass on the basketball court, he’s apparently not incredibly slick when trying to sneak something past the authorities.

Adding insult to ill-conceived shoe-to-the-face moves is the fact Houston lost to Arizona in overtime, after getting outscored by five points (55-50) in the second half. Needless to say, these five points were important to Arizona’s. Two of those five points came from Aubrey Coleman’s ejection and obviously, the Cougars could’ve used perhaps their best player in overtime period.

For what it’s worth, Coleman says the face stomp was an accident.

“I want to apologize to Chase Budinger for what happened Saturday night. I never meant to step on him,” Coleman said in a statement issued by the school. “I have never been in an incident like this before, and I have nothing but respect for him as a great player.

“I love the game too much to do something like that intentionally. I want to say I am sorry from the bottom of my heart,” Coleman said. “I know that God knows what is in my heart, but I am hopeful that Chase will understand and forgive.”

Nice words and all, but that doesn’t explain why Coleman and his teammates are celebrating his ejection in the lead video.