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While Jeff Teague continues to get the majority of the Wake Forest press, freshman Al-Farouq Aminu is having a great first season for the Deacons and is a key reason why they are undefeated and atop the college basketball rankings. Aminu’s good play continued Saturday when the Deacons beat undefeated Clemson for a valuable ACC road win. Aminu finished with 12 points and 10 rebounds, his sixth double-double.

The lead video highlights one of Aminu’s breakaway dunks, of which, he had a couple. The first one is more of a poster-style dunk, while the second one is a result of playing good fast break basketball.

The question now is, where does Aminu rank among the top freshman players in the country? His 12 point, 8 rebound averages are significant for Wake Forest, but how does he among the Tyreke Evanses and Willie Warrens of the college basketball world?

Quite well, actually.

The next question is, how long does Aminu stay at Wake? Will he be there long enough to enjoy the college life or will the NBA beckon after his freshman season is over?