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Derrick Rose

In light of Andy Katz’ report about the University of Memphis not finding any proof of SATs taken under false pretenses, does this mean last week’s “John Calipari is the devil, Derrick Rose is his acolyte and the NCAA fostered such an environment for them to thrive in” stuff was all for nothing?

Here are some of the details:

The NCAA issued a letter to Memphis, stating that one of their players from the 2008 Final Four cheated on their entrance exam. The name was redacted from the report, but sources were led to Derrick Rose being the player in question. After that bombshell hit, reports of Rose’s high school grade being altered soon followed. This news, in turn, allowed the MSM, bloggers and forum dwellers to focus on John Calipari as the mastermind behind this nefarious grade-changing/test-cheating scheme.

It got to the point that one of Calipari’s daughters took to her Facebook account to call ESPN scribe Pat Forde out for the way Forde portrayed Calipari’s involvement.

All-in-all, it was a good time for all involved. But now, thanks to the findings from Memphis athletic department’s investigation, was this whole scenario much ado about nothing? Considering the fact that no one can confirm whether or not Derrick Rose, er, [name redacted] actually cheated, it’s beginning to look that way.

Sure, Calipari will still have his doubters — Pat Forde included — but without a body to pin on him, it comes across as wishful thinking.