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Billy Gillispie

The start of the college season for Billy Gillispie’s second year in Lexington looked an awful lot like the first. Instead of Gardner-Webb, Kentucky fell victim to the Keydets of the Virginia Military Institute in embarrassing, weak-wristed fashion. As expected, the message boards dedicated to Kentucky basketball exploded in a mess of text arguing the merits of Tubby Smith’s replacement.

However, this post isn’t about whether or not Gillispie is the right man for the job. No, this post is to emphasize a point Matt Jones made (via STF) yesterday — one that bears repeating:

Not only did Kentucky lose to a team that went 14-15 last season (6-8 in the Big South), they also lost to the school with the smallest college basketball budget out of 339 teams. Now guess which school spends the most on college basketball.

That’s right.

The University of Kentucky.

For comparison purposes, here are the two budgets for each school — in 2007, VMI spent a whopping $99,285 on their basketball program while UK’s basketball expenditures were $9,204,755. Yes sir. Kentucky spent over $9 million more on their basketball program just so they could lose to the team with the lowest budget in spectacular fashion.

Looks like all that money is going to a good cause.