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Free Enes

This completely self-serving post is my response the NCAA’s decision to rule Enes Kanter permanently ineligible. Sure, a knee-jerk, “screw the NCAA” immediately came to mind, but after almost 24 hours to reflect, while allowing the emotion of the moment to dissipate, I think I’m ready share my feelings.

My feelings about a maddeningly-inconsistent NCAA eligibility house that allows Renardo Sidney to atone for his amateur status-threatening ways; about the fact $33,000 is apparently worth more than someone who legitimately tried to restore their amateur status, all while walking away from lucrative contracts and the associated benefits of playing pro basketball in Turkey; about the double-standard folks like A.J. Green have faced; about the entire, farcical, two-faced approach the almighty dollar — all for them (and football, too), none for you — system; and I think I can do it in one word, or expression, if you will.

That word is simply:


That’s about all I’m good for when it comes to anything regard the NCAA’s incredibly-fair enforcement of their rules.