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Pat Knight
Dad’s teams never scored like this

Last night, the Texas Tech Red Raider basketball team decided to emulate Mike Leach’s philosophy that says the best way to beat a team is to outscore them. Humiliatingly so. And so, the basketball version of the Red Raiders beat East Central University, 167-115. So much for that Bobby Knight-inspired, hard-nosed man-to-man defense, aye?

The 282 point total represents a whole lot of offense and the defensive skills of a Paul Westhead-coached Denver Nuggets team. The defense was so ineffective, the Red Raiders scored 90 of their 167 in the second half — you know, after the break where coaches make their most effective adjustments?

Apparently, defense wasn’t a point of emphasis in those halftime speeches. Nevertheless, the game provided an entertaining box score with lots and lots of double-figure numbers. Here are some of the highlights, numbers-wise:

- 17 players scored in double figures. 10 for Texas Tech.

- The leading scorer was the Red Raiders’ Trevor Cook with 20 points.

- The teams combined to shoot 74 free throws, making 52.

- There were 60 3-pointers attempted, 35 by ECU and 25 by the Red Raiders.

- ECU converted on 9 and Texas Tech 13.

- Including 3-pointers, Texas Tech took 138 shots. ECU took 129.

- Texas Tech shot 59.3 percent (52 from behind the arc). ECU shot 39.4 and 25.7 respectively.

- The halftime score was 77-57, more than UCLA and Michigan could muster in two halves of basketball.

- 47 total assists, 35 of those going to Texas Tech.

I don’t think this game will be discussed when future coaches are referencing great defensive performances of the past. The offensive execution might be of interest, but if these up-and-coming coaches are smart, they will avoid using this game as a teaching tool like the plague.