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Archive for the ‘Weak’ Category

Player of the Weak: Alabama Crimson Tide

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This past week, we had a number of nominees for this prestigious award. We had Barry Bonds and his indictment, Stephon Marbury and his brilliant handling of Isiah Thomas’ personnel decisions, and the Michigan Wolverines with their empty performance against Ohio State. However, this week’s Intentional Foul Player of the Weak award recognizes one of the biggest displays of SEC football ineptitude since the University of Kentucky lost to lowly Ohio University:

The University of Alabama (and their $4 million-a-year coach) lost to Louisiana-Monroe, a 5-6 team from the Sun-Belt conference (they were 4-6 coming in to the game) by the score of 21-14. The jaw-dropping loss puts Bama’s record at 6-5 and gives the Tide a ton of momentum heading into the Alabama/Auburn match-up, wouldn’t you say?

What stood out to me was Bama didn’t even score a point in the second half against a team ranked 79th in overall defense, making the Tide’s ineptitude all the more puzzling. Fan reaction to the loss was about what you would expect. Over at the Roll, Bama, Roll blog, poster outsidethelines offers this compelling thought:

Bottom line: This loss is as bad as it seems, and probably worse. It could be the worst single loss for Alabama since the arrival of Bear Bryant.

Much to his credit, the 4 Million Dollar Man — AKA Nick Saban — took the blame for loss. Nevertheless, I’m not sure if Bama fans thought this kind of result would come from a team coached by the highest paid coach in Division 1 (sorry, no Football Bowl Subdivision for me, thanks).

Congratulations Tide fans, your team and your coaching staff is our collective Player of the Weak… not an award you want to win heading into one of the biggest rivalries in sports. Do you think Coach Tuberville and the rest of the Auburn Tigers smell blood in the water?


Player of the Weak: Adam Vinatieri

The following is the debut of one of our feature posts, Player of the Weak. This particular award goes to player who, well, performed the worst during the week that was. There are a number of criteria to consider when making this choice, but in this week’s case, it goes to a player who simply failed his team in a quite miserable fashion. This week’s inaugural winner is:

*Opens the envelope*

Adam Vinatieri!!!! Come on down and accept your gift Adam. While it’s true Tom Brady owes your right foot a life-debt, your performance against the Chargers was terrible (although, Philip Rivers deserves a serious look as well). After Peyton overcame his miserable start and got the Colts within chip-shot field goal range, you gag horrendously on the gimme kick, missing it to the right.

I’m guessing you used up all those game-winners in Foxborough?

Anyway, here’s a YouTube of the miss, complete with the Colts play-by-play screwing the call up, courtesy of Awful Announcing. Good times: