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Looking Back At Tayshaun’s Brilliant Block

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Consider this a delayed post caused by me being absent in order to attend the Radiohead concert in St. Louis; but it’s still an awesome play to look back on. What we have is Hedo Turkoglu trying to keep his Orlando Magic alive by attacking the basket. Unfortunately for Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson’s guarantee and the Orlando Magic in general, the Prince of Detroit was there to prevent any “keeping the game close” shenanigans from taking place.

And boy did he deliver:

So, was Tayshaun’s block of Turkoglu better than the Reggie Miller block? The Miller block was probably more important because it helped the Pistons get back to the NBA Finals — a series the Pistons won, beating the Lakers for their first NBA Championship since the Bad Boy days.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane together:

Again, while the Miller block was more important — did you happen to notice the score? 69-67 in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter? Really? — but the Turkoglu block also helped preserve a series-clinching victory while furthering the legend of Tayshaun Prince. Apparently, if you need a game-saving blocked shot, don’t call Dikembe or Dwight Howard or Mark Eaton for that matter.

No, when you need your upcoming win protected, the skinny fellow from Compton, California is your man.

About Josh Shipp’s Shot

If this didn’t count:

Neither should this:

That is all.

K-State Assitant Suspended For DUI

Dalonte HillApparently, one member of the Kansas State coaching staff celebrated the Wildcats’ long-awaited home victory against rival (and then undefeated) Kansas Jayhawks a little too much, as Wildcats associate men’s basketball coach Dalonte Hill was arrested early Thursday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Charges have not yet been filed and Hill was released after posting a $500 bail. In the KC Star, Hill gave a prepared statement apologizing for his actions:

“I want to apologize for this incident,” Hill said in a prepared statement. “I am embarrassed for the attention this has brought to our program. I regret this situation taking away any attention from our team’s accomplishments and from our preparation for Saturday’s game with Missouri.”

Considering the magnitude of K-State’s victory, I’m kinda surprised the local constables didn’t just escort Hill home in order to keep this little incident off the books… not that I’m condoning such actions. Hill will be suspended from coaching when Kansas State plays Missouri tomorrow.

Brady Anderson Likes Internet Dating?

Baltimore Orioles one season wonder Brady Anderson apparently finds the comfort and anonymity of the Internet to be preferable to actually meeting people in person and since he was in the public eye for a number of years, this is completely understandable… or not.

According the crack staff at TMZ, apparently, a friend of a girl who Brady picked up has decided to dish on their relationship (not the girl Anderson picked up, mind you; it was her friend), complete with text messages and pictures to “prove” her story. Unfortunately, TMZ doesn’t allow video embedding, so if you REALLY want to know more, you are going to have to watch the video for yourselves.

Although, I’m curious to see if I’m the only one calling BS here. As it stands, I think I prefer to remember Brady like this. Apparently, I’m not the only one that’s feeling kinda skeptical about this whole thing…

Brady Card

Intentional Eye Candy: Snowboarder Edition

In honor of Gretchen Bleiler (and Winter X), who decided she wasn’t going to do provocative poses without clothes any more, we decided to focus on some ladies from the winter sports neighborhood. Currently, the Winter X Games 12 are going on over at the Worldwide, so if you’re into snow, skis, half-pipes, snowboards and wipe-outs, check out EXPN’s page for more info.

But without further adieu, allow me to present some of the ladies of Winter X. Because of Bleiler’s change of heart, I figured we’d lead off with her. Enjoy:

Gretchen Bleiler

Lindsey Jacobellis
Lindsey Jacobellis

Clair Bidez
Clair Bidez

Domnique Maltais
Dominique Maltais

Doresia Krings
Doresia Krings

Ricky Williams Can Still Truck Somebody

Spike TV’s lovely “Pros Vs Joes” offering has provided some good fodder for highlight segments and this season hasn’t disappointed either. First, we have Leitch’s second appearance and now there’s a quality Ricky Williams sighting, something we haven’t had for some time.

In the upcoming video, everybody’s favorite pot smoker proves there’s still a vast chasm between someone with his undeniable talents and an average cat from the regular society.

Damn dude. If you aren’t going to go for the leg tackle, get the hell out of the way next time. Ricky has made a living, albeit a sporadic one, running defenders over. You have not. I wonder if Parcells got wind of this before it was indicated Williams could still have a place in Miami?

Via SbB