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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Kevin Garnett Dunks, Elbows and Clarifies

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Kevin Garnett

Clearly, Kevin Garnett is a lightning rod. Whether it his gesticulations and jawing after, well, anything good for the Celtics happens, or his desire to get under the opponent’s skin, KG is obviously no longer the gentle giant he was portrayed to be while in Minnesota. Furthermore, he seems to embrace this new “bad guy” persona, and he never misses a chance to try and get under the skin of whichever opponent he’s around.

Just ask Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva for the most current confirmation. Garnett dunked in Bogut’s general vicinity and decided to pop his elbow out, and into Bogut’s chest after he landed. Bogut was none-to-pleased and let KG know about it:

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No More “Mallett For Heisman” Talk, Please

Ryan Mallett

Two game-turning fourth quarter interceptions when your team was leading by two scores against the defending BCS Champs, on your own home field, is not the way to cement your name as a Heisman Trophy contender. Sure, Mallett looks like a good-to-great quarterback and he’ll probably make a lot of money in the next NFL Draft, but he won’t be doing so with the title “Heisman winner” by his name.

At least not after he fell flat on his face in crunch time against Alabama. Yes, there’s time for some redemption, but performances like Mallett’s fourth quarter are not soon forgotten.

C.J. Spiller Has Some Wheels

Sure, the Buffalo Bills lost to the Patriots yesterday, 38-30, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort — or an explosive run-back from rookie C.J. Spiller. Yes, a loss is a loss, be it by eight points or a 1000, but unlike the Kentucky Wildcats against the superior Florida Gators, the Bills, well, tried, even though they were going against a better team most folks expected them to get smashed by.

Hell, the Bills scored more points than the 2-1 Bengals did against the Patriots, and Spiller’s two touchdowns, one courtesy of the aforementioned 95-yard return, played a big part in that.

This USA Fan Was A Hit

Hot USA Fan

While the African winter might be robbing us of scantily-clad female World Cup fans, a few have trickled out here and there. The most “famous” being the Paraguayan fan who stored her cellphone in a conspicuous place. However, the United States has a contender as well. The lady leading this post was seen at today’s US/Algeria game, and one thing’s for sure, ESPN loves her.

No, I don’t know her name, but I’m not sure that’s even important.

When you add her to the joy of the Landon Donovan goal, and you’ve got a pretty damn successful day for the United States. Here’re a few more pics for you to enjoy:

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California Believes In The Lakers

ESPN SportsNation Vote

Unfortunately, the rest of the nation — save about 140 people in Nevada — don’t share the same confidence in Team Kobe (and Pau). Obviously, the latest SportsNation poll features a combination of overreaction to one game, while doing a good job of showing where the homer state are, Massachusetts and California not included. Oddly enough, the aforementioned Massachusetts had a 90-10 percentage split of who voted for the Celtics over the Lakers.

Meanwhile, the California split was only 69-31 for the Lakers, suggesting the laid-back West Coasters aren’t as confident or relaxed about the Lakers’ chances like they were after Game 1.

On the opposite side of the country, it’s fairly obvious Massachusetts residents were moved and motivated by Paul Pierce’s announcement of his upcoming travel plans.

Ain’t overreaction grand?

Ben’s Back

Ben Roethlisberger

Guess who’s back? That’s right, after a little hiatus, there’s a return of note to discuss: we’re back posting again after a fantastic Memorial Day weekend (much respect to the fallen who helped make our way of life possible).

After typing that sentence, it feels a little weird to do this next one, but here goes:

Not only does today trumpet the triumphant return of IF, it’s also the day that Ben Roethlisberger returned to the Pittsburgh Steelers off-season workout activities. Apparently, Roethlisberger won’t be talking to the media, either, which could very well be considered a good thing. Lest we forget the last time Big Ben made a media appearance, it didn’t go over too well.

Bad News, Celtics Fans

Rajon Rondo

Apparently, the folks at Sports Illustrated are tired of the Boston Celtics’ surprising playoff run, and have decided to take matters into their own hands: Put the Celtics best playoff player on the cover. Welcome to the SI Jinx, Rajon Rondo. Judging by last night’s less-than-stellar performance (9 points [3-10 from the field], 8 assists), SI’s considerable influence may have already kicked in.

Game 5 and 6 (if necessary) will tell the entire whole story, but after last night, Celtics fans have to be a little concerned.

H/t to KSR for the find.

Dear White Chocolate

Jason Williams

Perhaps if you put as much effort into chasing down loose balls as you do yelling at locker room reporters, your team might not be facing elimination tonight. Granted, one lost loose ball doesn’t an ass-whipping make, but then again, the (lack of) effort shown looks awfully representative of Orlando’s series against Boston.

If you can’t beat `em, yell at the reporters, I guess.

I doubt that little outburst will do much to help your teammates tonight.

H/t to Hot Clicks for the find.