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Archive for the ‘Time Outs’ Category

Is This Thing On?

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Welcome Back

I think our hardware crisis has passed, although, the issue wasn’t corrected until later in the day, hence the “last post of the day” feeling that’s in the air. We’ll be back (hopefully) in full force tomorrow with a Super Bowl post or two. The big game tonight is LeBron versus Dwight Howard, so that should be a worthwhile time.

Celebrate New Year’s, Come On!

Happy New Year

From all of me at Intentional Foul to all of you, have a safe and happy new year celebration. And hey, if the feeling’s right, break out some Kool and the Gang to help you along.

See you next year!

Caution: Men Working

Men at Work

Some company duties are calling me away from IF this afternoon, so posting will be light-to-none until tomorrow. And yes, because a male is doing the work, caution with the work process and the final result must be taken. You never know just how badly we can screw things up in a hurry. If you are looking for some reading material, STF is covering today’s college basketball fun, as is Rush the Court.

There’s also Charles Barkley losing in HORSE, roller derby hotness and the Detroit Pistons dancers.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Celebrating One Year

Sexy Party

It’s sexy party time as celebrates its one-year anniversary today. It’s been a learning experience and a great ride. Thanks to everyone who contributed with comments, links, tips and any corrections that have been pointed out.

Without you, IF wouldn’t be here.

A Moment of Thanks

US Soliders

Today is Veteran’s Day, a time to recognize those that have sacrificed and protected our freedom by serving the country. Without their efforts … well, you get the idea. If you are enjoying any of the freedoms provided by their service, you should take a moment and give thanks, privately, or otherwise. If you’d like to get further your involvement in recognizing Veterans, the Veterans History Project is a good place to start, especially if you know of or have someone in your family who has served the country.

The Wounded Warrior Project is another great place to contribute your time and/or donations.

Whether you agree with war or with current US Government policies is not the point right now. It’s honoring and paying respect to those who sacrificed a lot more than simply pleasant feelings for governing bodies is what’s important. And with that, I’d like to offer my thanks to those that served and are currently serving.

Without your sacrifice, we wouldn’t be in a position to enjoy the freedom we have.

This post is dedicated to my grandfather, Edgar Owen Edwards, who served with the US Navy during World War II. He was assigned to the USS LST 373 and took part in the Normandy invasion, landing on Omaha Beach.

Athletes Surf Obama Wave

CP3 Obama Shoes

The news of Obama’s election spread like wildfire throughout the world, including the professional sports realm. Many well known sports figures weren’t afraid to share their joy for this momentous event, something Chris Paul did with his shoes. Fans weren’t immune to the Obama wave either.

Suffice to say, even though these professional athletes make more money than Scrooge McDuck and face potentially increased taxes under Obama, that did not stop them from enjoying such a historical moment — everyone except maybe Jared Allen, who voiced concern over potentially higher taxes.

Video of reactions to Obama after the jump >>

A New Sheriff in Town

New Sheriff

There’s a new sheriff in town thanks to the landslide electoral vote victory. For all those naysayers out there, complaining about the upcoming attack of socialism, just remember: It worked in Blazing Saddles. There’s really not much more I can add without getting into a belief system discussion and after last night’s marathon of MSNBC, CNN and Fark’s election threads, I’m in no condition to discuss anything in a lucid manner.

I would ask one thing, however: Let’s make sure our greeting for President-elect Obama is a little more than the citizens of Rockridge could come up with, OK?

Oh, and Obama? Now that you’ve been elected leader of the free world, I expect you to use some of that clout to bring about this “college football playoff” we’ve heard so much about.

Good luck

I just want to tell you good luck. We’re all counting on you.

Celebrating Movember

Mobama and MoCain

A lot of great things happen in the month of November: the start of college basketball, Guy Fawkes Day, Thanksgiving, leaves turning, Christmas preparation and the like. However, November has some other significance, thanks to the brilliant minds at, who use the month of thanks to recognize certain men’s health issues like prostate cancer.

And it’s all done by growing and rocking a gnarly “moustache” — the Aussie spelling, of course.

As indicated, the Movember team is partnering with the Prostate Cancer Foundation to help raise awareness. All Movember donations will be given directly to the Foundation. Interested parties can join the Movember movement as either part of a team or an individual and there are a number of galas toward the end of the month to celebrate these fabulous works of lip-hair art.

About the Movember movement
Since Movember’s inception in 2003, almost 200,000 men around the world have sported a Mo and more than $29 million has been raised globally for prostate cancer research. Movember is the biggest international event supporting prostate cancer and we want to make it a household name in the U.S.

If you’d like to join the IF team — the Intentional Staches, of course — you can do so here. We’d certainly love to have you and your assistance with the Movember cause.