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Archive for the ‘Time Outs’ Category

Gina Carano Takes it Outside

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No sports of note last night, so here’s some video of Gina Carano working out outside of Madison Square Garden after the press conference to promote the upcoming Carano/Cyborg brawl on August 15. After those two got through mugging and promoting for the camera, our heroine took things outside and put on a little shadow boxing/light sparring exhibition.

Yeah, to say it’s a slow news day would be an understatement.

More Gina Carano Goodness after the jump >>

Dear ESPN…


It’s, not

Thanks for incorrect shout-out, though. It’s good to know they are at least aware of what we do here, considering how every blog not named Deadspin and The Big Lead are fighting for the leftover scraps — unnecessarily, I might add.

Just, please, get the name right next time.

H/t to Abhilash Patel for the screen cap.

Back From Kentucky

Kentucky Wiskey

And, after a nice bit of escapism to the fine state of Kentucky — one of the only places in the world where you can find that libation called “WISKEY,” which I’m sure is an inbred cousin of the state’s more famous beverage, Bourbon. I, apparently, missed quite a bit during my excursion to see John Calipari’s house. I’m not going to start on the Air McNair business, because I think plenty has already been said — too much, in some cases. But because ours is a business of speculation and guessing, a lot of blogs — even the more popular ones — aren’t above making speculative statements that have no supporting information.

Perhaps I’m too old to join in the National Enquirer approach to unfortunate sports events. Instead, I’d rather remember McNair for being such a warrior.

And then there’s Andy Roddick. What can you say about that fifth set? Incredible? Heartbreaking? Would’ve beaten any other player in the world except Federer? Sounds about accurate to me. But hey, while some are trying to equate last Sunday’s epic loss as perhaps one of the worst a competitor can make, at least there’s the Brooklyn Decker consolation prize.

Anyway, I’m back, meaning IF is back as well. I hope you all had a brilliant Fourth of July holiday, with lots of Kentucky Wiskey to enjoy.

Vacation Time!!!

The Fourth of July weekend is approaching and I’ll be out of the loop until next week. I’ll be traveling back to Lexington to see friends and family, enjoy some fireworks and eat until I pop. I hope all of you have a safe a Independence Day — Go, Andy Roddick — and please, don’t blow yourselves up like that factory in the lead video.

Thanks for your continued support of IntentionalFoul.

RIP, Michael

There’s a lot that’s been said about the death of perhaps the greatest entertainer of the modern era, and how it impacted the sports world. Most of this talk was, as is the increasing norm, reduced to Twitter updates. Then there are the inescapable memorials from CNN and the like. Unfortunately, they seem to only want to remember Jackson in this incarnation, that is, as the freakshow he became instead of the genius he started out as.

And if you think I’m overusing the word, check out this particular performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

A little more on our ode to the real MJ after the jump >>

Central High > West Canaan (ESPN Polls)

The wonderful ladies of ESPN’s “Play Ball with Amanda and Melissa” podcast have a nifty little poll going on, one that pits fictional sports teams against each other. There are some awesome match ups like the Friday Night Lights TV show team versus the FNL movie team or the Bad News Bears team against The Sandlot team. Great stuff.

I do have one issue, however: Folks are voting for the Varsity Blues football team over the incredibly awesome team from Wildcats, otherwise known as the battle of Central High and West Canaan High. Unfortunately, when it comes to the voting differential in this particular category, memories are obviously short.

No other explanation fits, really.

More on the Wildcats of Central High after the jump >>

Is This A Bing Commercial?

Because of my previous employment, I’m still drawn to prominent ebusiness news, especially if it’s related to sports. That’s why I’m drawn to this Rashad Evans video. It looks like it could be an add for the new Microsoft Bing search engine, although, there’s nothing in the video that says “Bing.” However, considering Evans’ previous ties to Microsoft, the fact the video/commercial asks about search engines, which coincides with Bing’s launch, assumptions are pretty safe at this point.

Conversely, Bing has been so adamant and aggressive with their branding, it’s hard to believe they’d pass on the chance to let everyone know what it is that’s being marketed here. Seeing how the video has strong MMA ties, it has already made the rounds pretty thoroughly over in that part of the blogosphere. I found this one over at MMA Scraps.

Oh, and like Dagoosh pointed out, if Evans represents Bing, I’m guessing Lyoto Machida is Google.

The Search For G is Scary (Usain Bolt)

That commercial was all over the NBA’s All Star Weekend fun and despite everything going on in the video — KG, The JabbaWockeez, Monty Python homages — the main thing that stands out to me is Usain Bolt’s head, dancing on a pair of feet. And nothing more. No body, no neck. Nothing. Just Bolt’s head and his megawatt smile. Dancing. Connected to feet. It’s both hypnotic and scary at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, Usain deserves all the endorsement money he can finagle because it’s not like Track and Field has NBA-like funds pouring in.

But really, is scaring the hell out of any children watching the dunk contest the best way to promote a new — and unnecessary — branding venture? “What’s ‘G’?” It’s Usain Bolt’s bigger-than-life head dancing across your screen on a golden pair of shoes, evidently.