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Archive for the ‘Pwnage’ Category

Michael Jordan Broke A Backboard Too

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Just in time for the NBA Playoffs, this find comes courtesy of NESW Sports and it features Air Supremacy going in for one of his trademark kiss-the-rim style leaner dunks that he made oh so popular. Only this time, the backboard comes down with him.

And you thought Mike just personified grace and beauty when he was flying through the air. He went to the rim with a little bit of power as well, contrary to the belief set forth in the Dominique/Michael dunk-off from 1988.

Weekly Pwnage: Richard Jefferson Dunks On Okafor’s Nose

Man. Those forearms can be lethal. In other news, that will probably be one of the last highlights for the New Jersey Nets as they are set to begin their fishing vacation after tonight’s games come to a close.

Next up for the Nets: the NBA Lottery. Good luck in the Michael Beasley/Derrick Rose sweepstakes. Stranger things have happened when it comes to the NBA Draft.

H/T to Odenized, of course. Who else uploads these awesome NBA videos with such speed?

Shelley Smith Got Really Excited For the Game

During last night’s pregame time killers, ESPN had Shelley Smith patrolling the court to provide some insight into what fans could expect from the game they were getting ready to watch. Apparently, the task got her pretty excited:

Nothing like flubbing your words on live TV. Everything’s fine with her delivery until she gets ten seconds into the bit and begins to get her tongue tied on the phrase, “hallway interactions.” Her frustrated reaction is quite keen because if you’ve ever been behind the microphone and you flub your lines, it doesn’t take long at all for frustration to rear its ugly head.

In her defense, however, she does recover nicely. Unfortunately for her, it was a live broadcast and there’s no way to edit her enunciation issues out.

For what it’s worth, I love her reaction when she beefs the line. That “Ahhh” combined with the hand shaking = good times.

H/T to NESW Sports for the find.

Weekly Pwnage: Own Goals Can Really Suck

Saw this on Digg and I thought I should share.

As a soccer player who has himself kicked an own goal, let me just say they suck. There’s aren’t very many feelings worse than knowing you just hurt your team. But see, if the goalie would’ve stopped the damn ball, my back-pass never would’ve gone in… Oh wait…

Back to the video: I love the way the defenders are laying on the ground after the attempted clearance wound up in the back of the net.

Although, I can understand.

Watching an own goal happen to your own team is like taking a kick to male lower region. Now imagine if you are the offending party… Sorry, still got some unresolved issues left to work through.

Weekly Pwnage: Joe Alexander Rejects Kyle Singler

And tells him about it afterward. Alexander’s block was one of three he had during West Virginia’s win over Duke. I think he talked head on all of them as well.

If you can’t tell, I’m having fun playing with RedLasso. It’s pretty damn keen.

Long Distance Goals Rule

There’s nothing quite like seeing a free-kick struck with accuracy and authority; one that fools the goalie so bad they’re left twisting in the wind like a wet noodle. Thanks to 101 Great Goals, we have video of Kevin Schindler and his brilliant strike against the Spiel Kickers Emden in an under-23 match.

Like I said, brilliant stuff.

Lay-up Contests Will Supercede the Dunk

Just in time for the March Madness festivities: What we have here is a Slam Lay-up contest featuring some of the finest athletes in the Slavic region, complete with judges, nifty video graphics and interjected edits of Charles, Kenny and Kevin to provide the commentary.

The winning lay-up, provided by Allen, was so good, Kenny Smith had no choice but to repeat his “it’s over” cry made famous when Vince Carter entered the dunk contest. Too bad the contestants couldn’t find some replica All-Star uniforms to use because the clothes they have on now are pretty busted…

I guess the current NBA fashions haven’t made it to Eurasia yet.

Weekly Pwnage: Tyson, Meet Jason

So what’s better? A blocked shot or getting dunked on? How about blocking an alley-oop dunk attempt? I’m not sure but you might want to ask Jason Maxiell and Tyson Chandler their opinion before making yours:

The saying, “Don’t you bring that weak sh** in here” comes to mind but Chandler doesn’t go weak to the rim. Maxiell was just a little stronger than he was. It’s almost like the irresistible force, immovable object paradox.

In this case, the immovable object (Maxiell) won.