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Archive for the ‘Pwnage’ Category

Caitlin Davis is Apparently Blind

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Caitlin Davis

By now, you’ve all heard about Caitlin Davis, the Patriots cheerleader who got fired from her gig because of some pictures that turned up on the Internet. Well, the contents of the said images, anyway. Now, the face-saving Davis is making the rounds to the gossip sites, telling her side of the story and she’s trying to use the ignorance defense, saying:

At the time I had jumped in the picture with the kid, I didn’t realize what had been drawn on him, which I take responsibility for not being alert.

That’s fine and good and all, but if I couldn’t help notice she has a Sharpie in her hands in the lead image. It’s also pretty apparent the picture was taken right as she was either getting ready to make art or moments after she did. Either way, the Sharpie in her hand — and the look on her face — kind of blows that whole “I didn’t know” defense out of the water, especially if she already tagged sleeping drunk’s face.

Unless Caitlin is legally blind. That’s about the only way, just from looking at the picture, her story is plausible.

Since we are discussing insincerity, it should be noted people shouldn’t make apologies for things they aren’t sorry for. Saying things like “It’s unfortunate that this did happen to Caitlin” when your site is responsible for posting the pictures to begin with is awfully disingenuous.

NBA on ESPN – Fist Kiss

The NBA tips off on Tuesday and ESPN is getting in the swing with their NBA on ESPN RV campaign. They’ll be a new round of commercials, much like these; but this year, ESPN is also going viral and introducing some “lipstick cam” videos of the guys fooling around while the RV works its way across the country. was asked to be apart of the launch of these videos and we have an exclusive with “Fist Kiss,” an episode featuring Shaq and Mike Breen and it actually made me laugh — especially the incredible level of “cool” on display from Breen.

Fitting it was caught on their lipstick surveillance device.

Other videos will be made available throughout the upcoming season — Tomorrow Night — and they’ll be in a postable medium, much like “Fist Kiss.”

Gina Carano Is EliteXC’s Key

Gina Carano

After the failure of Kimbo Slice –beaten by this guy — EliteXC is trying to spin their sport in a positive; but after putting so much stock in their backyard brawler, the MMA company is threatening to fold like a house of cards, or worse, like losing their relevancy.

When ringside announcers are asking the public to give EliteXC’s “headline talent” a mulligan for a pathetic-but-it’s-all-good performance, the emperor’s lack of clothing becomes more and more obvious.

More on Gina Carano, including video, after the jump >>

An Open Letter To Larry Johnson

Larry Roc Johnson

Dear Larry,

Welcome back, son. It’s good to see you running like that. Forgive me if I wonder if you can keep it up, however. Nature of the game and all that.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing is to say it’s time to retire “the Roc,” OK? Now that Ramel Bradley has moved on from college basketball, you are the only prominent athlete to push that diamond up and now, it’s time to stop.

I know, I know. You are represented by the Team Roc clothing line, which essentially means the Iconix Brand has a hold of you as well. I don’t see you throwing up Iconix, but then again, this isn’t the easiest thing to do with your hands. Nevertheless, it’s time to move on and retire the Diamond Dallas Page Diamond Cutter the Roc.

Don’t get me wrong, loyalty to those who give you money isn’t a bad thing, but throwing the diamond up is kinda like the high-top fade — the fad has run its course. Maybe in ten or so years, you can do a Brandon Jennings and bring it back, but until then, please find another way of letting the world know you scored again.

Or perhaps you could, I don’t know, throw some kind of arrowhead hand sign into your repertoire — seeing how the Chiefs actually pay you more money than the clothing line you pimp. Just a thought.


Your Friends at

Jose Canseco Gets Knocked The Hell Out

I’ve poked a little fun at Jose Canseco here before so it’s a great joy to bring you this video of Jose’s “celebrity” boxing match where he took on retired NFL special teams ace, Vai Sikahema this past weekend. If you are tired of Canseco’s steaming piles of horse manure, this video could not have come at a better time.

Good thing you stuck to baseball, Jose. You would’ve gotten killed in the NFL — or any other contact sport, steroids or no. H/t to YBB for posting something so great and satisfying.

Sleep Boxing

Apparently, getting your block knocked off is a traumatic experience and over time, can have lingering effects. However, in some cases, these effects are felt immediately, much like the boxer in the upcoming video. What we have is an under card bout featuring what looks like a couple of club fighters who aren’t afraid to mix it up.

Unfortunately for the one on his back, his opponent hits harder.

I’ve seen a few knockouts in my time but I’ve never seen a boxer continue to box after he got KO’d. And no, I’m not talking about a boxer being out on his feet. I’m talking about a boxer getting blasted and continuing to pump his jab while he’s laying on the floor, knocked out. Obviously, the “work your jab” commands nestled themselves inside his subconscious.

Too bad “stick and move” didn’t

Found over at Double Viking.

Mike Tyson In MMA?

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

Oh please, please, please let this be true. There are some rumors going around Mike Tyson has been seen in Las Vegas and apparently, he’s been training and getting his body in shape. Although, no one knows what for. has more:

A source, who asked to remain anonymous, informed that Tyson has been quietly “training his ass off” with a prominent strength and conditioning coach in the area. The source also stated that Tyson “is not going to do boxing anymore,” but when asked if “Iron Mike” was going to try MMA, the source shrugged, “I don’t know, I can’t say.”

Please, please, please let this happen. I’m begging here. If you thought a name like Kimbo Slice could give credence to a UFC challenger — in this case, Elite XC — imagine what a presence like Mike Tyson would do. Now, imagine a Tyson/Slice fight. While a fight of this size would probably be reserved for the Elite XC PPVs, imagine if it made its way to CBS.

The marketing blitz and subsequent reactions from the media would be obscene. While a PPV match-up would get tons of coverage, putting Tyson back on network TV for fighting purposes would draw so many more viewers — and attention — it would make the Gina Carano/Kimbo Slice “event” seem like undercard scheduling.

Even with the exploding cauliflower ear.

The UFC Has Nothing To Worry About

Besides a nasty looking cauliflower ear that happened to explode on national television, the debut of Kimbo Slice and the Elite XC brand of MMA came off with more of a fizzle instead of the the desired bang. The Internet sensation that is Kimbo Slice was exposed as what most MMA experts thought he was — a hard-punching brawler with no discernible ring/octagon skills. His grappling ability is suspect and if he can’t score with his haymakers, he’s just not very effective MMA fighter.

If it wasn’t for that cauliflower ear stoppage, the rise of the headliner of Elite XC’s stable — and Elite XC themselves — was almost stopped in its tracks. While he might be able to beat folks like you and me up, it looks like Kimbo is going to have his hands full when he goes against any MMA technician. Here’s a video of the final round of the Slice/Thompson fight.

Gus Johnson does not agree with the stoppage.

The Ultimate MMA Video Blog has much, much more on this fight and the related fallout. In the other headliner, American Gladiator Gina Carano handled her business by stopping Kaitlin Young after a competitive second round. Again, the need for the stoppage is being questioned. Here’s the entire fight if you interested in forming your own opinion.

While it looks like the ring-side doctor made the decision to stop the fight, it does look like Young could have continued the match. Did the Elite XC borrow a page from the NBA front-office playbook, ensuring the biggest, most recognizable names are victorious? ;)