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Archive for the ‘Pwnage’ Category

I’m On The Bull’s Side

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As a passive/aggressive pacifist — try living with that walking contradiction — I’m opposed to pretty much any situation that allows for unnecessary violence and injury. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t apply that kind of thinking to sports like football, boxing and MMA, because the participants are willing to endure whatever punishment they take. The same is not true for bulls when it comes to bull-fighting.

The sacrificial bull never asks to participate in the blood sport devoted to their existence, so when if a bull happens to get the upper-hand in these displays of cruelty, I immediately root for the rampaging bull. Even if one goes into the stands and injures spectators, as demonstrated in the lead video.

And this is where the passive/aggressive side of me being a pacifist comes into play:

Normally, I wouldn’t want to see any spectators injured, but in this case, these folks were willingly attending the senseless slaughtering of a bull; and so, when the bull turned the tables and goes into the stands, I don’t feel a deep sense of sorrow for the people who were in its path. Yeah, it’s a hypocritical stance, but I stand by what I feel.

Conversely, in an article discussing the incident, it says a 10-year old boy is in intensive care after he got trampled, and that’s where my sorrow would be directed. I have little doubt the hospitalized child was taken to the modern-day gladiator spectacle by his parents, so I would consider what happened to him to be regretful, but not the adults who were actively cheering for the bull’s demise.

As for the bull, it, of course, was put to death when control of the beast was regained. What a pathetic waste. If they didn’t have bull-fighting to begin with, the bull wouldn’t feel the need to escape, and there’d be no 10-year olds in the hospital due to being trampled while attending such a destructive, cruel display.

/End soap-box post.
//Hat-tip to the Boston section of Barstool Sports for the video.

Tour de Face Plant

Yes, it’s true. The only time I cover sports like the Tour de France is when something like this happens, or if LiveStrong wins. Since the latter probably isn’t happening this year — Buck up, Lance. Second place isn’t anything to turn your nose up at. — I’m left with posting painful face plants, courtesy of Jens Voigt.

All apologies, Jens.

What stood out to me, besides the obvious, was the fact that Voigt actually skidded after his fall, which no doubt exacerbated his injuries. FanHouse has the prognosis:

The injuries Voigt sustained included a concussion, a broken orbital bone under one eye, and gashes on his right side that required stitches.

Wow. Who says bike riding isn’t a contact sport? If that’s your stance, you might want to consider the road the racers ride on. It not only never ends, it also bites back if you lose control of your steed.

Gina Carano Will Choke You Out

This little “female fighter choking out a male host” meme is proving to be an effective way to market upcoming MMA brawls, much like the Gina Carano/Cris Cyborg fight which takes place on August 15. The buzz surrounding Carano/Cyborg is growing exponentially, thanks in large part to the “choking out” videos popping up here, there, and everywhere. It started when Cyborg choked out Aaron Tru of

More with Gina and Cris after the jump >>

Pacquiao Crushes Hatton


While it sucks for those of you who went the pay-per-view route, it’s hard to dispute Manny Pacquiao’s place in boxing after his absolute destruction of Ricky Hatton. The fight was ended in the second round by a straight left hand that left Hatton out cold, but after two first-round knockdowns, it was clear Pacquiao was the far superior fighter, whose performance leaves boxing scribes wondering just how good the Filipino destruction whirlwind really is.

More fight fallout after the jump >>

Can’t the Florida Schools Just Get Along?

Ah, college rivalries. According to some media outlets, the best rivalry in sports is driven by a passion that comes from attending an extended education institution of choice — not to mention, a strong dislike for an opposing school in the region. Such is the case with Florida and Florida State fans. The two entities don’t like each other much, and sometimes, as this awesome find by Busted Coverage shows us, these animosities can come to head.

Even during Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans.

What the above video shows is a Florida fan who tries to show out with a group of Florida State fans, one of whom takes exception to the Gator fan’s advances. After that, we’re playing the feud — and unlike the football field, Florida State actually bests the University of Florida’s offering, complete with a bloody face and all. Good times.

I’m wondering if the argument started over Tim Tebow versus well, um, no Florida State quarterback past few seasons has really mattered, but the point remains, or if the scrape up was over a Mardi Gras bead exchange gone bad?

Sugar Shane’s Knockout

Sugar Shane Mosley

Sugar Shane Mosley shook up the “who is the best welterweight” designation some this weekend when he beat the hell out of Antonio Margarito, who, before the fight, was a 6-1 favorite over Mosley. In fact, because Margarito beat Miguel Cotto in his prior fight (Mosley lost to Cotto in November, 2007), the thinking was the fight was a coming out party for Margarito. Unfortunately for him, Sugar Shane apparently didn’t get that memo. The fight took place in the Staples Center in LA as the biggest crowd ever in that arena–a notably pro Margarito crowd–watched Mosley completely dismantle the favorite in a brutally efficient manner.

There’s video of the knockout, so get it while its hot: After the jump >>

Crashing In A Winter Wonderland

We’ve stayed away from pwnage-style videos for a while, well, except the dunks and such, but sometimes you discover something that just has to be shared with the rest of the world. Take the above video, for instance. The title says it’s the “Best Ski Crash In History,” and after watching it, the uploader might be on to something. The sad thing is, said crasher almost landed that sick little freestyle trick they were attempting.

Unfortunately for the skier, the crash was even more spectacular than the trick being attempted.

Maybe the Football’s Possessed?

High school football is good for providing blog fodder, and this latest post is no exception. I must say however, this is the first time I’ve seen such English on a football during a pass in my life. The obvious explanation is the wind of Pennsylvania, but I’m also holding out for “ball on a string” or “alien interference” as well.

Maybe it was a Red Bull ball … Because, you know, it gives you wings. Crappy humor aside, that was some great defense by the visiting team’s secondary. The receiver must have been at least four or five steps behind the defense on what looks like an obvious passing play.

Apparently, the screwy flight of the ball gave the receiver just the distraction he needed to get open. Wide, wide open.