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Archive for the ‘NHL’ Category

Stanley Cup Finals: Overtimes Rule

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Marc-Andre Fleury

We do not profess to being hockey experts here. In fact, I can count the number of games I’ve seen since the NHL has moved away from ESPN on two hands. That doesn’t mean it’s not appreciated. It is. I’ve long been a believer that NHL Playoff Hockey is one of the most competitive and grueling ways to win a professional level championship.

I think, for me, it has more to do with player and team recognition. Nevertheless, I normally watch the some of the Finals, especially when it’s a deciding game. So there I was last night, expecting to see Detroit crowned as kings of the NHL. I arrived sometime near the end of the second period when the Penguins still had their 2-1 lead and ducked in and out while the third period was getting lathered up.

I settled in time to see the Red Wings equalize and then take the lead away from the Penguins with two impressive goals. After that, I figured Detroit would clog up the defensive side of the ice while the clock wound down, securing another Stanley Cup for Hockey Town, USA.

Boy, was I wrong.

Thanks to an amazingly timely goal from Max Talbot with 35 seconds left — and some incredible goal-keeping from the Pittsburgh’s Marc-Andre Fleury who had 55 saves — I and the rest of the hockey-watching nation were treated to some awesome overtime hockey. Both teams went at it with Detroit realizing what they had allowed to slip away be giving up Talbot’s goal while Pittsburgh threw their bodies all over the ice trying to keep their season alive.

And thanks to Petr Sykora, Detroit, instead of raising Lord Stanley’s Cup, now finds themselves having to play a Game 6 in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night. Here’s a vid of Sykora’s season-and-series-saving goal.

Helluva shot, there. If you’d like to see a more informed recap, check out’s perspective. Coming from a non-hockey following — although, I do consider myself an admirer — sports fan, I’m incredibly glad I got to watch last night’s battle. Now I know what I can look forward to seeing while waiting for the NBA Finals to tip: Game 6 of the NHL Finals.

And I can’t wait.

That Was An Easy Million Bucks

Hey look, our first hockey post. And it only took a million dollar competition to get in. What we have here is one of those fan competitions where they invite a regular Joe down to try his luck at some sort of skills competition. In this case, it’s shooting hockey pucks at an empty goal. The object of said fan-friendly exercise was to get 15 pucks into the net in 24 seconds and guess what?

We have a winner. And video:

I wish random people would come up to me on the street, asking me to perform various sports skills for a million dollars. Not saying I could get all 15 into the empty net; but still, a million dollars if I do? Where do I sign up?

H/T to FanHouse for the find.

Richard Zednik Leaving ICU

Sunday’s horrific skating accident that saw Florida Panthers’ Richard Zednik have his carotid artery accidentally slashed by teammate Olli Jokinen looks like it will have a much happier ending than how it looked initially. According to numerous reports, Zednik’s condition has been upgraded to “good” and he’s going to be released from the intensive care unit.

This is incredibly good news, of course, considering just how dire the situation began. ESPN reports Zednik had lost almost a half gallon of blood and that his artery was essentially hanging together by a thread. Fortunately, the skate slash missed his jugular by mere centimeters.

If you’d like to send any well-wishes to Zednik and his family, you can do so here.

Hat-tip to SbB.