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Archive for the ‘NHL’ Category

That’s One Way To Support Your Team

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I did not know hot female hockey fans got down like this. Perhaps I need to find an NHL team of my own to root for. Unfortunately, I live in Kansas City. The closest team to me is the St Louis Blues, and I’m afraid I haven’t seen any videos like the one below (NSFW) coming out of the Blues fanbase. If there are, please share.


I’m also curious to know if Miss Topless Panthers Fan was allowed to stay in the arena after her display? Not that I would have a problem with said display, but if there were any parents around, they probably had a conniption. From what I’m seeing, a conniption fit would be worth the price of admission.

H/t to Barstool Sports for the find.

Ice Girls Rule

NHL Ice Girl

One of the things that makes sports so iconic is the images it produces, which kinda plays into that whole “icon” prefix. What we have going on here is one of the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew sweeping up some hard hats after the completion of a Jonathan Toews hat trick. There’s something mysteriously captivating about a girl in ice skates, cleaning up a mess of hard hats while wearing a bikini top and short-shorts. There’s something about a girl in ice skates, I guess.

For what it’s worth, I’m thinking the Ice Girl in question is either her, her, or her. Maybe even her. Your call?

Richard Zednik is Just Alright

I don’t do a lot of hockey posts here at IF. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the sport. I do. It’s not in my primary rotation, but I’m certainly a fan of postseason hockey and I would like to see the NHL get a better television deal. One of the few posts I did covering the NHL last season was about Richard Zednik and his horrible throat-slashing accident. As you well know, Zednik survived his ordeal and has continued his hockey career and last night, he did a great job reminding everybody he can still play a sport that almost took his life by scoring a “Play of the Year” worthy goal against the New York Islanders.

If you don’t believe me, take it from someone who watches more hockey in a week than I do an entire season.

A Home Run Derby Without Ryan Howard…

Ryan Howard

… is like Cornflakes without the milk. Thanks to the inspirational words of Oran “Juice” Jones, I now have an appropriate way to frame tonight’s MLB Home Run Derby, which takes place tonight at Yankees Stadium, of course (with no Yankees participating). Now, before you label me as a baseball buffoon (rightfully so, but still), I understand why Howard’s not participating.

He’s not an All-Star — another story, but we can debate that at a different time.

But the fact the Major League leader in home runs (second in RBI) isn’t participating is silly. If Craig Hodges, player who wasn’t even on an active roster at the time, can defend his three-point shot championship in the NBA, Howard — a previous champion to boot — should be allowed to participate in the Home Run derby, too; All Star or no.

Didn’t the MLB let Pete Rose on the field for that All-Century thing they did during the World Series a few years ago? Maybe an exception should have been made for the Major League leader in home runs, you know, since this thing is called the — *gasp* — Home Run Derby. Possibly for Adam Dunn, as well.

Anyway, the Ryan Howard-less fun begins at 7/6 Central. If you are lacking ideas to help you enjoy all the home run fun, the guys at Home Run Derby have an awesome drinking game you can try — provided you value your liver.


Red Wings Coming To Wrigley Field

Red Wings at Wrigley

More outdoor hockey please. Such is the plan of the NHL after the success of last season’s Pittsburgh Penguins/Buffalo Sabres outdoor game on New Year’s Day. The event proved to be one of the more popular ideas put on by the NHL since their return from their self-imposed near-death sentence, if not before.

Naturally, Gary Betman and company want to capitalize on NHL’s version of the Ice Bowl and feature more outdoor shenanigans. This time the players are Wrigley Field, the Chicago Blackhawks and the defending Stanley Cup champs, the Detroit Red Wings. While the crowd for the second American NHL Ice Bowl probably won’t surpass Ralph Wilson’s almost-72,000 from last year, you can expect the Chicago/Wrigley Field faithful to be out in absolute force.

It should also be noted Wrigley can hold 41,000-plus Cubs fans and will, in all likelihood, be expanded for the NHL. While I’ve never claimed to be a hockey expert, more outdoor hockey can only be a good thing for the NHL. I watched a little bit of the Pens/Sabres game and you could tell the crowd was having a blast. Any time the fan experience is improved, especially for a sport that’s trying to regain a status it once had, it has to be deemed a good idea.

Detroit Fans Celebrate Stanley Cup

Some fans that didn’t get to make the trip to Pittsburgh to watch their Detroit Red Wings win another Stanley Cup enjoyed the game courtesy of JoeVision at Joe Louis Arena. Needless to say, they enjoyed the result.

I’m digging the homemade Cups. And hey, at least the Detroit fans didn’t tear the city apart while celebrating their victory. The victory parade is scheduled for tomorrow between 11 and 11:30.

Video courtesy of The Detroit News.

Stanley Cup: Mission Accomplished

Stanley Cup Champions

This is how it was supposed to be. Detroit, having not clinched a playoff series at home during their run for the Cup, had to secure their right to raise it by winning in Pittsburgh. With the Red Wings, that’s par for the course. And win, they did. After beating Pittsburgh 3-2 (and almost giving the Pens another shot at life late in the third quarter), the Detroit Red Wings are your NHL Stanley Cup Champions. It was their fourth cup in eleven years and their eleventh overall.

Your Conn Smythe Award winner was Henrik Zetterberg, who had 13 goals and 14 assists during Detroit’s run. As pointed out by Puck Update, some feel Zetterberg’s performance, coupled with likes of Nicklas Lidstrom, vindicated European players and their quest to shake the “we’re not tough” label.

Others, like Don Cherry, may not agree.

Whatever the case, I’m not a savvy enough hockey fan to debate these things; however, I do know this — the closing minutes of the third quarter in both Games 5 and 6 were damn exciting. Maybe Pittsburgh could’ve played with that sense of desperation for all of Game 6 instead of waiting until the wanning minutes, but alas, they did not. And now we have a new Stanley Cup champion because of it. Here’s some video of those closing moments, followed by the Red Wings’ celebration:

I’m left wondering what different locations Lord Stanley’s Cup will wind up at during his tour with these Detroit Red Wings…

Stanley Cup: Keep On Surviving?

Stanley Cup

By now, everybody’s used the image above this text of Hayden Panettiere making out with Lord Stanley’s Cup and that’s why I added the layover. Anyway, there’s a semi-important hockey game going on tonight in Pennsylvania and I’m pretty sure you all know the stakes — if Pittsburgh wins, they stave off elimination again and if Detroit wins, they raise the Cup.

It’s pretty simple, really.

However, those wanting a Detroit win might want to start being a little scared. After all that went down with the Patriots and their premature Super Bowl gear, you’d think these companies would learn to keep stuff like this hidden for a little while longer.

Will the Red Wings be the first team in the Stanley Cup Finals to give away a 3-1 lead since, well, Detroit did in 1942.