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Archive for the ‘NHL’ Category

Head to the Pond Hockey Championship This Weekend!

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There’s a big game being played this weekend, and no, I’m not talking about football. The US Pond Hockey Championship is being held in Lake Nokomis, Minnesota. That’s right, pond hockey. Outside, in the frigid air, baby! The way hockey should be played.

Those dudes who play inside? We know they just aren’t as tough as pond hockey players. They can’t take a beating.

Pond hockey pre-dates indoor hockey by at least a hundred years. People filled up a rink or just played on whatever frozen water they could find outside. The game actually goes back to the 1700s, and the whole world championship thing goes back to 1883. That’s a full ten years before the Stanley cup was first played.

More pond hockey after the jump >>

Team-based Ink Sleeves Are, Well, They’re Something

Ink Sleeve

It’s not often I’m at a loss for words, but this particular item might just do it. What we have is a sleeve designed to look like an arm tattoo, done in Pittsburgh Penguins designs, and they’r available for all NHL teams. Clearly, this, um, thing is intended for either young kids who want to look cool — nothing wrong with that — or a bunch of hipster wanna be/fake hockey fans who are trying really hard to be cool.

I don’t think any fan in their right mind would don one of these things, unless it was part of some Halloween ensemble, even the overzealous ones; but then again, we have folks like Fireman Ed, so who knows.

H/t to 96.1 Kiss’ Morning Freak Show blog for the find.

Patrick Kane’s Sublimely Awesome Game-Winner

That’s a helluva way to finish the Stanley Cup Finals, thanks to Patrick Kane’s brilliant game-winner. The angle was impossible, the reaction was fantastic, as was the post-game interview. Oh, and if you’re expecting Kane to behave during the parade? Think again.

As for the goal itself, it’s not often a championship is won in such a manner; that is, with a “holy crap” goal that, because of the seemingly-impossible angle Kane shot it from, no one was quite sure if it went in.

Be that as it may, it didn’t stop Kane from celebrating his fantastic finish, one that he says he saw go between the goalie’s legs.

Don’t Heckle Hockey Players

Yeah, I know our NHL coverage has been, well, sparse, to put it mildly, but that doesn’t mean the NHL Playoffs aren’t always enjoyable sports-watching, especially in overtime situations. No, I suppose I fall onto the “out of sight, out of mind” side of the fence, and yes, that’s meant as an indictment of Versus. Sure, they broadcast in hi-def and their coverage does get viewers, but I’ve allowed myself to be brainwashed by ESPN. Maybe my response to NHL Playoffs will change if the two entities partner up again.

Mea culpas aside, one thing’s pretty clear: If you are a fan of the about-to-be-bounced-out-of-the-playoff Nashville Predators and your are near the Chicago Blackhawks’ penalty box with Duncan Keith inside, leave the enemy combatants alone, or else you might wind up getting sprayed. Granted, the penalty box is surrounded by glass, but that didn’t stop the fan in the video from flinching so severely, his arm would’ve been covered with black-and-blue bruises if he was playing the “two for flinching” game.

Unfortunately, Mr Heckler’s efforts didn’t help his team either. The Blackhawks closed out the Predators by winning last night’s game, 5-3.

H/t to 670 The Score for the video.

Fighting Over A Hockey Stick? Really?

Was that horse manure really necessary? Is leaving the arena with a hockey stick somehow going to fill whatever empty space it is that convinces you something like that is worth getting into fisticuffs over? Fanhouse, among others, has the details of the scuffle, however, simply put, Anaheim Duck Scott Niedermayer decided he’d give his stick to a girl sitting in the front row after his team’s 4-3 victory, and apparently, the guy in the blue shirt decided he wanted the stick for himself.

The crowd then shows him the error of his ways, and then, everybody was Kung-Fu fighting. Or swinging wildly at each other, whatever you prefer — although, there were a few good blows thrown, especially when Blue Shirt gets the stick handle in the face.

Bonus: The woman sitting next to Blue Shirt decides she wants to get in on the fun as well.

Can’t we all just get along? No? How about getting over whatever it is that causes people to fight over freaking sports memorabilia? Is that too much to ask?

Stanley Cup Makes the Rounds

Stanley Cup

So who had the better weekend? The Lakers or the Penguins? An unexpected Game 7 win over the team that beat you last year or the league’s best player silencing whatever “you can’t win without Shaq” critics there were? If I had to make a call, I’d say the Penguins and their Stanley Cup victory was probably more satisfying, seeing how it wasn’t really expected. The Lakers, on the other hand, expected a championship, especially after going up 3-1.

With that in mind, try telling the Lakers the Penguins are the happier bunch.

More in Pittsburgh’s Stanley Cup tour after the jump >>

A Little Less Obvious, Please (ESPN)

Penguins March

I guess because the Penguins/Capitals Game 7 was kind of a bust — unless you are Pens fan — ESPN’s headline writers decided they’d phone it in on their image caption for the game. March of the Penguins? Is that the best you can offer? Surely you jest? Granted, there aren’t a great deal of pop culture references that fit Pittsburgh’s hockey team, but does that mean you have to force one on your website-viewing public? Hell, “Crosby, Skates and Smash” would’ve been better — provided you are aware of the Crosby, Stills and Nash reference.

OK, maybe not; but then again, I’m not responsible for creating these snappy headlines. Maybe my expectations are too high…

Jeresy Girls Don’t Like the Hurricanes

Jersey Girl Finger

And after that stirring comeback with about 80 seconds left in the game, can you blame them, really? Granted, she could’ve aimed her fingered response at Martin Brodeur for allowing what Barry Melrose referred to as two “soft goals” by, but seeing how she had to endure the Hurricanes celebrating right in front of her face, her response is understandable.

And it was found on ESPN’s flagship morning show, no less.

H/t to Observation Bubble for the find.

Bigger image.