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Archive for the ‘NBA’ Category

Blake Griffin: Still Dunking

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While his Los Angeles Clippers continue to lose (1-11), their prized rookie continues to do what he does best: dunk on anyone silly enough to get in his way. His latest victim? Anthony Tolliver, center for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Before Griffin’s career is all said and done, I honestly think Blake Griffin will have dunked on every living member residing in the United States.

You. Me. My mom. Your mom. Obama. His successor. All of us.

And we’d all be better for it, too.

Considering the struggles Griffin is facing as a Clipper, one wonders if he’ll opt for the LeBron/Dwyane Wade style of restricted free agent extension instead of signing for the max? That way, he’ll be able to get away from that moribund franchise and do something good with his basketball ability. Of course, Griffin could be a glutton for punishment and feel that he, along with Erics Gordon and Bledsoe, can change the fortunes of LA’s second basketball team.

Shelden Williams Must Be Happy Duke is Playing

…Because I’m not sure what else got into him on that dunk he threw down over Ronny Turiaf. It’s not like Williams has the safety net of gaudy NBA production to call on, or well, something — anything — to indicate he will attack the rim in such fashion.

Or if he’s even interested in doing so.

That being said, Williams is averaging almost seven points and eight rebounds for the Denver Nuggets, so there is some evidence of production. Still, it’s surprising to see Williams dunk so authoritatively, which leads to the belief he’s just happy his Blue Devils are back in action, and looking good in the process.

I like to think Williams yelled “Seth Curry On A Bitch” when he threw it through.

White Guys Dunking Are Always Fun

Maybe I watched too many Wesley Snipes/Woody Harrelson movies when I was younger, but for some reason, I just love it when white guys get a good dunk in. It’s almost becomes a red-letter day, because it’s just such a rarity. Sure, there are exceptions, but day-to-day, it’s not a regular occurrence; and no, I’m not talking about a two-handed, fast break finish from Dirk Nowitzki, either.

I’m talking a highlight reel-quality dunk, and thanks to Kris Humphries, that little hole in my life was again filled.

South Park Answers LeBron James

During the South Park’s three-episode arc featuring Coon and Friends, they parodied LeBron James’ “What Should I Do” commercials, which generated a lot of blogosphere buzz. In the finale of trilogy, the South Park creators answered LeBron’s question:

“You should f**k off, that’s what you should do.”

So yeah, I think Cleveland Cavaliers fans would agree with that sentiment, wholeheartedly.

John Wall’s Energy is Infectious

John Wall was a stat-stuffer supreme for his Washington Wizards against the Houston Rockets, recording an impressive 19 point, 10 rebound, 13 assist triple-double, along with a gaudy six steals. Oh, and Wall only turned the ball over one time in his 42 minutes of play. For young rookie who has the ball in hands as much as Wall does, not to mention, the quality of his teammates not being top shelf, it’s even more impressive.

More Wall love after the jump >>

Bill Walker Pisses All Over Andrew Bogut

When he’s not peeing in towels, Bill Walker likes showing off his athleticism with assorted dunks and assorted frivolity. Just ask Andrew Bogut, who made the mistake of not jumping high enough while trying to block Walker’s dunk attempt. The result was pretty fierce.

You can tell by the expression on Walker’s face.

Nevertheless, the Milwaukee Bucks got the last laugh by beating the Knicks down by 27 points. Maybe Bogut was feeling charitable and let Walker finish the dunk so he and his Knicks teammates wouldn’t get disillusioned. The question for Bucks fans is, at 3-5, now a good time to “Fear the Deer,” or will their team continue to be maddeningly inconsistent?

Paul Millsap = 3-Point Bomber?

Paul Millsap

Last night, Paul Millsap showed off his previously-unknown perimeter shooting stroke, while scoring 11 points in 28 seconds to power his Utah Jazz to an overtime victory over the Miami Big Three. Millsap was 3-3 from behind the arc during this explosion, after going 2-20 during the rest of his NBA career. So yeah: Paul Millsap, 3-point bomber.

Who knew?

Certainly not the Miami Heat, who surrendered what was, at one point, a 22-point lead to the Jazz and lost in overtime. Oh, the Jazz got the winning-time job done with their franchise point guard on bench due to fouling out. Not only did Millsap’s newfound outside shooting touch get the Jazz back in the game, his last-second tip-in sent the game to overtime. Needless to say, his 46-point (the most by a Jazz player since Karl Malone delivered the mail) 9-rebound game was indeed beast-like.

There are highlights of Millsap’s awesome finish, which is just one of the reason I love the Internet:

Video after the jump >>

Sonny Weems Crushes Golden State

Unfortunately for Weems and the rest of the Toronto Raptors, said crushing only lasted for one play. Golden State held on to win the game, improving to a mildly-surprising 5-2. Meanwhile, the Raptors’ struggles continue with the loss moving them to 1-6, which is tied with four other teams for worst record in the NBA.

At least they can take solace in Weems and his nasty behind-the-back dribble he used to free him up for his nasty flush.