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Archive for the ‘MLB’ Category

More World Series Weirdness

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World Series Rape Sign

Saw this over at Barstool Sports (Boston) and considering the already-surreal World Series thus far, with outside shenanigans and the unexpected poor play of the Texas Rangers (peak too soon?), it fits right in. This, of course, is a derivative of the wonderful little Internet meme, courtesy of Antoine Dodson, which was started by this gem of a newscast:

I only hope that, even with the state’s conservative reputation, Texas keeps up with the surreality when Games 3, 4, and 5 (if necessary) come to town. Who knows, maybe we can get some strippers running around on Greene’s Hill.

With weed, of course.

The World Series of Weed?

Let Tim Smoke

California, for all intents and purposes, is the marijuana capitol of the United States. With Prop 19 and the relaxed attitude towards medicinal pot, among other qualifications, the title’s clearly earned. There’s also a pretty heavy weed/drug connection to the World Series as well, and not just because the San Francisco Giants, featuring everybody’s favorite pot-smoking athlete, Tim Lincecum, are involved, either.

There are connections to be made on both sides, whether it’s Ron Washington’s travails or Josh Hamilton’s journey, but thanks to the first two games being played in San Francisco — a city with a very relaxed approach to marijuana — you get the feeling the game is being played under a cloud of pot smoke.

Whether it’s Josh Hamilton getting a contact high from fans in Pac Bell Park’s center field section, a local dispensary rewarding their “patients” for Giants’ home runs, or the discoveries of Dallas/Fort Worth reporter, California’s pot revolution has a strong presence at the 2010 World Series. Granted, this will change when Games 3, 4, and 5 move to Arlington, but there’s always a chance it could be revisited in Games 6 or 7 (if necessary).

As indicated, an on-location reporter from DFW was on-hand, and he also discovered things are a little different in California, especially when marijuana is involved:

View more news videos at:

So yeah, grab your munchies because the World Series is (or was, anyway) in California and the Prop19 supporters clearly love their Giants. Of course, with the Giants winning Games 1 and 2, they have plenty of reason to cheer.

Oh, and party, evidently.

World Series Goings-On

Drink Free

There’s a serious undercurrent of drug and alcohol-related comments, stories, etc surrounding the 2010 World Series, something the lead image indicates very, very well. Whether it’s Josh Hamilton or San Francisco medicinal marijuana shops offering free weed when the Giants his a home run, or jokes about crack in relation to Ron Washington, it’s clearly a series Hunter S. Thompson would love.

And then, you add Cliff Lee (and to a lesser extent, Lincecum) getting shelled in what everyone thought would be a pitching duel, and it’s also clear this particular Series isn’t sticking to the traditional routes of past championships.

Oh, and there’s this gem, courtesy of Boston’s Bar Stool Sports:

Ron Washington Costume

Yes, that is indeed a Ron Washington costume on the youngster, and it is incredible. Hell, it might just challenge Baby Mangino for best Halloween costume ever.

So yeah, come for the championship baseball and stay for the drug-related shenanigans and bad-ass Ron Washington costumes.

The World Series In 10 Words Or Less

World Series

The Fall Classic is set to get underway again tonight as the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants battle to own Major League Baseball’s World Champions title. While some might be trying to clown the World Series for not featuring the big market teams, do you think the Giants and Rangers fans give a damn about all that? They just want to watch their respective team win the thing. Embrace the new blood. Embrace Tim Lincecum. Embrace Cliff Lee. Embrace Josh Hamilton. Embrace Cody Ross. Embrace the fact that this series will more than likely be a night-in, night-out pitching duel, starting with Lee and Lincecum.

Now, while IF isn’t necessarily known as a baseball blog, that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyed around here; but because my views aren’t comprehensive, I turned to some sports blog friends so they could offer their thoughts about the upcoming Giants/Texans series, all in 10 words or less. Enjoy:

Hugging Harold Reynolds, king of the Blogs With Balls expo, offers this succinct thought that goes a long way to describe some of the apathy from the “big baseball markets” below:

Who’s playing again? Doesn’t matter, I have Cablevision.

Sad, but true. Follow Harold here.

Next up, the gents at Detroit4Lyfe, with another fitting quote:

Beard, machine, thongs & cocaine? Sounds like an awesome party.

Yes. Yes it does. Follow D4L here.

Keeping with the drug references is Eric Gargiulo of the Camel Clutch Blog, who offers this gem:

I am looking forward to seeing Tim Lincecum use the trophy as a huge bong in the offseason.

It’s funny `cause it’s true. Follow Eric here.

Now for the lady of the group, Sooze of Babes Love Baseball. Sooze is a hugely massive fan of Joe Mauer, but her love for Joe might be on hold for now:

Joe who? Gerald Buster Dempsey Posey III is my new boyfriend.

Buster Posey

Do these Fall Classic romances last, though? Follow Sooze here.

Next we have Nicholas of PSAMP, who is no doubt lamenting the plight of his Pittsburgh Pirates as we speak.

Freddy Sanchez: World Series champs MVP. Go former Pirates!

See what I mean? Follow Nick here.

The prolific Ethan Jaynes didn’t disappoint, either.

Rangers are in the World Series? You have got to be on crack! … wait

I really hope Josh Hamilton and Ron Washington have tough outer-shells. Follow Ethan here.

Now it’s time for David Chalk of 7th Inning Stache and Bugs and Cranks to offer his take. Weep for Hinske:

Eric `Shitske` Hinske must feel so empty now. Go Giants.

In Hinske’s defense, not much else he could do, really. Follow David here.

Finally, we have Anthony Panici of the world-renowned Paneech blog. I’m a fan, so if it’s not world-renowned, it damn well should be. I think you’ll notice a theme here:

I would like to see the Texas Rehabbers, I mean Rangers win only because I like Nolan Ryan.

So what we have here is a case of rehabbers versus pot smokers. Who’s your money on? As for me, my 10 words go something like this:

Thank goodness it’s basketball season. Try scheduling earlier, Bud.

Like I said, IF isn’t known as being the biggest baseball blog, and with good reason. Actually, I’m probably rooting for the Giants because I was born near San Francisco, and I do like Lincecum, regardless of how much he smokes (or doesn’t). That being said, I’m expecting the Rangers to win and your MVP will be Cliff Lee.

I just hope he doesn’t wind up in New York after the Texans’ season is over, because that would only further my lack of baseball knowledge.

Why Wasn’t This Reviewed?

Yankees Fans Are Awesome

So while the cool guys who interfered with Robinson Canoe’s home run have some newfound Internet fame going for them, if you consider being made fun of unmercifully “fame,” my question is, what kind of disposition does an umpire have to have to not review that play? While it wound up not being a factor to the game’s outcome, the fact the review was denied is pretty damn absurd, and, well, arrogant.

The technology exists for a reason. Is it not better to be sure — especially in a game of such magnitude — as opposed to acting like you’re right and Ron Washington is only wasting your time?

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? Officials gaffing in big games is par for the course in professional baseball. Hell, the bigger the game, the more likely you’ll see an umpire completely screw something important up. Just ask Google.

H/t to 30fps for the image.

Not Everyone Loves Doc Halladay

Dr No

Besides Reds fans, even.

Ah, postseason baseball quibbling: When you are the second player to ever accomplish something of note in Major League Baseball, considering just how extensive the history is (ask Ken Burns), it’s significant, much like Roy Halladay’s no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds last night should be treated. Some, however, disagree with all the love being thrown Halladay’s way. On one side, one of those quick to take credit away is understandable. His team just got flummoxed by perhaps the best pitcher in the game, and some defiance lingers.

While it does come across as sour grapes, Orlando Cabrera at least has reason to reject the notion of Halladay’s greatness, even if it just being a sore loser.

Orlando Cabrera

On blogosphere side of things, not everyone was impressed there, either. Granted, the guys at Bugs and Cranks watch and know a whole lot more about baseball than I do, but I don’t quite get the reasoning behind the lack of Halladay love:

But most of all, because before he came out in the third inning, he had a 4-0 lead to work with. Matt Garza allowing 2 hits and 1 run over 7 innings in Game 7 of the 2008 ALCS in a 3-1 game is far more impressive than Halladay’s showy little no-hitter yesterday. Hell, give me Jered Weaver going 7.1 innings and giving up 2 hits and 1 run in a 4-1 win of last year’s ALDS Game 2 against the Red Sox.

While the performances mentioned might indeed by sterling outings by other pitchers in a playoff atmosphere, being only the second baseball player to ever throw a postseason no-hitter resonates, whether you want it to or not; regardless if you’re a member of the Reds or simply a fan of baseball who writes a blog.

I’m sometimes hesitant to overuse Internet memes in posts, but I think the following adaptation applies: “Impressive performance is impressive.” Like it or not, Halladay’s name belongs in the history books, if, for nothing else, the sheer rarity of his accomplishment.

Stephen Strasburg: Believe the Hype

Stephen Strasburg

Sometimes, the hype for an upcoming event, debut, what have you, is so high, there’s just no way to live up to the expectations. And then there’s the debut of Stephen Strasburg. Not only did he meet expectations, the Washington Nationals phenom probably exceeded them. If not, he came pretty damn close. What else would you call a first game ever stat line like this?

The words “awesome,” “savior,” and “ridiculous” come to mind.

After the jump, video of Strasburg’s 14 strike outs >>

Jim Joyce Is Only Human

Jim Joyce

And he likes puppies too! See? He’s just like you and me. Too bad his work mistakes are magnified to the point that Twitter users explode with rage-filled invectives (140 characters only, please). When’s the last time a mistake you made generated responses to the tune of 46 per minute? Now, is this an “all is forgiven” post? No, not really. But before you run out and help populate Fire Jim Joyce sites, take a second to consider your worst gaffe ever and think about how you’d feel if everyone with an internet connection was calling for you to be fired. Or worse.

Furthermore, it’s doubtful you’re going to make Joyce feel any worse than he already does.

Image courtesy.