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Archive for the ‘Golf’ Category

Vanity Fair Sucks at Photoshop (Tiger Woods)

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Bad Tiger Photoshop

Question: Should a prominent publication resort to such petty tactics as horrible use of Photoshop to emphasize a story? One would think something like Vanity Fair would allow their written work to speak for them, but apparently, including a poorly Photoshopped picture of Tiger Woods enjoying “Thug Life,” all in an effort to solidify their portrayal of Woods as a sex addict (Um, I don’t think you need any help with that. Just sayin’.) is considered a wise and just decision.

And by wise and just, I mean “stupid.”

If they wanted to use images to hammer their point about Woods’ extracurricular activities, they could’ve simply shown some of his family photos. You know, something like this:

Woods Family

That, to me, is more damning than any Photoshopping done by Annie Leibovitz.

What Did We Accomplish With Tiger Woods?

Tiger and Elin

I’ve been reticent to discuss the Tiger Woods saga that all-of-a-sudden legitimized the entire gossip blog industry, but in light of the Woods’ “confession,” I figured now would be as good of a time as any to say, “Nope, I still don’t care.” I mean, Tiger has nothing to be proud of, betraying the woman that gave birth to his children, but for me, that’s something they have to deal with on their own terms.

Not mine, yours, or’s.

I will say, however, it has been fun watching the blogs trip over themselves to be first. First with pictures of the women in Tiger’s life. First to run Tiger’s apology. First to run the voicemails.

I wonder how many of these folks would be so eager to be first if it were their friends, family, or even themselves on the chopping block? Granted, my approach is obviously in the minority — that is, I just don’t care about this story because I’ve always steered this blog towards an approach of, “I’m doing this to celebrate my love of sports” while avoiding the the pop culture side of the things.

Hell, that’s probably a bit naive, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still don’t care about Tiger’s apparent infidelities.

I don’t care about his relationship with Rachel Uchitel.

I don’t care about his relationship with Jaimee Grubbs.

I don’t care about his relationship with Kalika Moquin.

All I care about when it comes to Tiger Woods is whether or not he’ll win the next golf tournament he’s scheduled to be in. If, in the meantime, he decides to bed the woodwind section of the Boston Philharmonic, well, that’s on him. And them.

Perhaps I should hold athletes to a higher standard.

Or perhaps people should mind their own business.

So here we are: $164 worth of traffic violations, a ton of “look at me” photographs of women who fully embrace the Facebook era of taking pictures of every little accomplishment they’ve had since the invention of digital photography because they’re all so deep, and a smashed SUV window later. But what have we accomplished? In what ways did we grow, and/or improve our lot in life?

That’s just it, we haven’t. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the women involved will have fun with their 15 minutes, the Woods’ relationship will undoubtedly change, and we, the readers and reporters, will simply move on to the next salacious story.

Time well spent, apparently.

N.O. Tiger (Y.E. Yang)

In the lead video, we have the Yang’s eagle putt that essentially secured his shocking PGA Championship win. Granted, he tried to give it back with a bogey at 17, but that fire was quickly put out with his birdie to close out the tournament. So much has been said about Tiger losing his first major in such a manner, so I’ll save the rehash. Although, Hannah Storm said this morning it was only Tiger’s third loss in such a condition since he’s been a pro. The stat she quoted was, after yesterday’s fall, 47 out of 50. That’s how many times Tiger’s had the outright lead in a tournament and lost.

Of course, if you putt like Woods did on Sunday — he was 3-over on the day — you’ll probably lose whatever lead you established as well.

While folks try and label this has a choke or simply Woods getting beat by the better golfer — on that day — it’s important to note Tiger will still finish the PGA season as the number-one ranked golfer in the world. In fact, his second place finish, while undoubtedly disappointing, essentially secures such a finish. As for Yang — whose given name is Yang Yong-eun — it wouldn’t be surprising if he was named the new president of all Korea, not just the South side.

Step aside, Kim Jong-Il, there’s a new sheriff in town, one that just kicked Tiger Woods’ ass.

Tiger, Paddy Pick Up Where They Left Off

Tiger and Paddy

Tiger Woods and Paddy Harrington continued their hot play at the PGA Championship, carrying over from the Bridgestone Tournament that saw both golfers battle last Sunday, until, that is, the 16th hole. No word as to whether or not these two were put on the clock today. Judging by Harrington’s score (-4), it’s a safe bet they weren’t. Woods finished his opening round at -5 and it looks like he will be battling Harrington, again, for the win over the next three days. Woods’ nice score came primarily from his mastery of Hazeltine’s par 5 holes, of which there are four of them.

If he continues to shoot under on these holes, while parring the majority of the rest, Woods will probably stroll to victory on Sunday, giving him his first major championship of the season, and solidifying his “Best Golfer in the World” position.

Has for Harrington, these next three days provides ample opportunity to get rid of the bad aftertaste the 16th at Bridgestone undoubtedly left.

Tiger’s Flithy Approach Shot

Tiger Woods won his 70th PGA Tour event at the Bridgestone Invitational. After opening with two sluggish rounds (68, 70), El Tigre shot back-to-back 65s during the weekend, securing a victory over Padraig Harrington, among others. Harrington was the leader going into Sunday’s play, and Woods made up the deficit with an eagle and three birdies on the front nine. In fact, Woods had the lead after making the turn for the back nine, but soon relinquished is with back-to-back bogeys on 13 and 14. After parring 15, Woods still trailed Harrington by one stroke — that is, until, these two played the 16 hole.

More on the 16th hole after the jump >>

Sergio Garcia Is Accurate

See, what the mainstream media would have you believe is that Sergio Garcia accidentally hit the gallery member with his drive. What I believe, tin-foil hat not included, is the guy who Garcia smashed was actually a member of Garcia’s crew and he happened to massage the feet of a member of Sergio’s harem. Instead of throwing him off a balcony and through a plate-glass greenhouse, Garcia simply hit him in the head with the golf ball and knocked him on his behind, potentially giving the hired help a concussion.

That way, he can claim it was an accident and no one is the wiser.

More on Garcia’s head shot after the jump >>

Tiger Enjoys Flatulence, Winning

Tiger Woods had a busy weekend. Not only did he win the Buick Open, his 69th PGA Tour win, he also secured the number-one ranking in the FedEx Cup standings with nine top-10 finishes this season. Oh, and Tiger demonstrated his love of on-course flatulence. What we have in the lead video is Woods and caddy Steve Williams enjoying the sounds of a loud fart while waiting to take his second shot on the 18th hole. Although, there seems to be some confusion about who dealt the offending noise.

Who farted after the jump >>

Tiger Reminds Us Why

Tiger Woods

Tiger’s second round at the Buick Open today — nine-under, taking him to 10-under for the tournament and tied for third — reminded us why we’re concerned whether or not he’s doing well whenever he tees up. Tiger’s missed British Open cut led to missives about Hank Haney being fired, his on-course behavior (wow, he’s human and cusses like most athletes in the world) and in some cases, whether or not he still has “it.”

Continue reading about Tiger’s second round after the jump >>