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Archive for the ‘Golf’ Category

15 Famous Golf Courses From Around The World

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Pine Valley Golf Course

With Father’s Day quickly approaching we thought it was time to take a look at some of the best golf courses in the world. Here are 15 of the best golf courses from the U.S. and abroad…

1. The Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey

The Pine Valley Golf Club is considered by many to be the best in the world. It’s located in Southern New Jersey, and was founded by a ground of amateur golfers from Philadelphia in 1913. It’s a challenging course to play, but is well worth it, if you can get into it. It’s a private club, and nonmembers can only play if invited and accompanied by another club member.

Why pristine golf courses after the jump >>

The Tradition. The Masters. The Green Jacket.

I’m not sure what day it was when I became my dad. One thing is for certain, it was probably when I started to enjoy watching golf on television. I don’t believe I am alone when I say that I grew up in a household with a father who never played golf but who inexplicably always watched it on television. The Masters.  Back in those days, there were about 5 channels you could actually watch.

As a child, I remember sitting there wondering how my father could possibly be enjoying The Masters or any other PGA golf tournament.  He was sleeping on the sofa! I could see why he enjoyed it. It was the 1970s equivalent of washing down a few Ambien with a bottle of Nyquil. Today, I enjoy watching golf while my children sit in wonderment about why I am a viewer. At least I speak to them about the game, The Masters, and just how difficult the game of golf is. I’m not sleeping.

More Masters tradition after the jump >>

Which Phil Shot Was Bigger?

Phil Wins

Much to the chagrin of the supporters everywhere, the good guy won the Masters, which led to a celebration of all things good about the importance of a strong family unit in today’s society. I’m sure Elin Woods was pleased with all those comparisons. Nevertheless, I’m not here to discuss the difference between Phil Mickelson winning the Masters as opposed to Tiger Woods.

I’ll leave that conversation to people who make more money than me.

Instead, I’ll simply ask a question: which shot was bigger in relation to Mickelson’s victory? The eagle he hit on 14 or his “through the trees” save on 13 in the final round?

After the jump, video of Phil’s great shots >>

Tiger Returns, Nike Capitalizes

In about three hours, the sports world, once again, turns itself over to the larger than life character of Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, and of course, Nike is right there, turning Tiger’s offseason of discontent into a potential marketing blitz. This time, Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, “returns” asking if his son has Woods has learned anything from his mistakes. While the latest Nike Golf offering is effort in poignancy, it would be wise to keep in mind they are doing so to separate you from your hard-earned dollars in exchange for a set of Nike golf clubs.

If Tiger’s in contention for the Masters and the green jacket as the weekend draws closer, I would expect to see this commercial about umpteen bajillion times (a bajillion = a whole freaking lot).

Perhaps Nike deserves credit for sticking by their golden goose man, but we shouldn’t be surprised their marketing department is capitalizing on Tiger’s mistakes. Granted, the commercial gives an appearance of disapproval and finger-wagging, but again, they want to sell you golf clubs, and whether or not Tiger’s star has been fractured, his presence, especially now, makes for a compelling approach.

I suppose this method is better than having Tiger celebrate his mistakes by pitching golf clubs with a bevy of scantily-clad golf hotties running around in the background. I’m thinking something along the lines of Doria Baird’s spread she did for Maxim from a few years ago.

You know? Something like this:

Doria Baird

Then again, maybe I’m wrong. I think the Doria Baird method would’ve been filled with an illegal amount of “____ you, I’m Tiger Woods and you’re not” awesomeness that would’ve knocked the judgmental world of sports fans on its collective asses.


The voicemail version of Tiger’s commercial. Two words: ***king awesome.

All of this is proof that it’s simply Tiger’s world and we’re only living in it, like it or not. It doesn’t matter if his actions disagree with a particular moral setting. The fact that the public even cares this much — about a golfer, mind you — is all the evidence required.

Dear Joslyn James

Cry Me a River

No one cares. Well, except maybe the TMZ addicts, but other than that, no one really cares if you let Tiger Woods run through you, just like those two guys sitting next to you in the lead image are getting ready to do. I’m sorry, is a second-rate video whore really the spokesperson for the ills of cheating on your spouse? The reason I’m posting this is because after Woods’ “Is this really necessary” press conference later today, James is having a follow-up presser to respond.

More rant-y goodness after the jump >>

Tiger Confirms Masters Return, Twitter Erupts

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods confirmed he will be returning the PGA Tour on his website with an announcement saying he would be playing at Augusta when The Masters begins. As he normally does, Woods controlled the message and its delivery by distributing it on Step 2 of said dissemination is merely waiting patiently while word-of-mouth does the work for you.

Granted, with all things Tiger, it’s doubtful the patient wait took much longer than it did for Woods to hit the “enter” key, confirming he did indeed want to publish his post. Here’s part of Woods’ announcement, which was undoubtedly read around the sports world this morning:

Tiger’s statement and Twitter reactions after the jump >>

Chad Ochocinco Makes Tiger’s Apology Fun

Here’s his entire finely-manicured apology. I hope all of you who wanted this feel better and that you’ll be able to move on in your life. I will say, however, probably my favorite thing about this whole ordeal is watching Chad Ochocinco COMPLETELY clown Joslyn James/Veronica Daniels on Twitter. Here are some of gems:

After the jump, Ochocinco goes off >>

Tiger Goes Jogging!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Woods

Sorry for the hyperbole about Tiger’s first “public appearance” since his world came apart, but damn, that’s they way folks like ESPN and the endless hordes of gossip sites are acting. It’s all because Tiger announced he would be addressing the public on Friday, offering us an apology we don’t deserve.

Rumors are, he’ll also announce his intentions concerning his golf career.

So yeah, it’s time to welcome back Tiger Woods and the coming tidal wave of news reports, reminding us of what he did, who he did and how various individuals feel about Tiger’s choices.

As if their opinion matters.

Sorry, for me, this is still a personal issue between Tiger and Elin, and if she’s willing to stand by him and accept his apology – although, that’s not quite clear — there’s not much else that needs to be said. Sure, we can use our keyboards to speculate, chastise, and make declarative statements about Woods until our fingers fall off, but that still won’t change the fact that Tiger owes us nothing.

I will say, however, that if he does come back and plays in The Masters, the media wave that follows him will make tomorrow’s look silly.