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Archive for the ‘Eye Candy’ Category

Intentional Eye Candy: Arizona State Cheerleader Edition

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This week’s IEC is dedicated to the now-defunct Arizona State University cheerleading squad, a group who was removed from the school because of some “racy” photos that showed up here. A little bit of an overreaction, no? I understand the concept of decency but I also understand the concept of having a good time and having a little fun with a sexual side of flavor added.

ASU Cheerleaders

Apparently, the ASU athletic director doesn’t share the same outlook as I do. It’s funny, the above picture is one of the only risqué ones of the bunch. Others were like this:

ASU Cheerleaders

Which reminds us of the “White Chicks and Gang Signs” video. Not only did the ladies in the leaked pictures get removed from the ASU cheer squad, the AD kicked the entire team out, including those NOT in the pictures.

I suppose that means Lauren Thompson was a victim of the purging as well (unless she already graduated), which is so sad, it’s criminal.

Lauren Thompson

If you go to the ASU Spirit Squad page, instead of pictures of the lovely Lauren and the rest of the Sun Devils cheerleaders, you are greeted with this ominous message:

Thank you for your interest in the ASU Cheer and Mascot programs. Arizona State University Athletics and the Arizona State University Marching Band are working together to unite our spirit squads.

The combining of both our spirit squads into one group is intended to create synergy between our organizations that will assist in creating a home field advantage focused environment at Sun Devil Athletic events. The uniting of our squads will increase communication between those groups thereby creating a unified production at Sun Devil Athletic events. This will help enhance the experience for our fans and help further our commitment to promote a fun, family friendly environment at our events.

All because some of the team decided they’d get all sexified and take some pictures of themselves.

What. A. Crime.

However, the lesson being sent to the ASU cheerleaders and Matt Leinarts of the world is getting really, really clear — DON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR SHENANIGANS. If you are going to have a sexy party, make DAMN SURE the participants keep those camera phones and such away from the fun.

As far away as possible.

Intentional Eye Candy: NBA Playoffs Edition

Boston Celtics Dancers

The NBA Playoffs start tomorrow and for today’s IEC award, we are going to focus on the lovely ladies who make up the Eastern Conference playoff attendee cheerleaders. What the plan is, leading off with the Celtics — you know, best team and all — to present the stoppage-in-play entertainment so you can know what to concentrate on during this next month or so.

Today, we are going to start with the Eastern Conference dancers, featuring our favorite from each respective squad. We plan on doing this tomorrow with the Western Conference. Enjoy. Since our topper image is of the Celtics, we can start here.

Favorite Celtics Dancer

We like Alexis. A lot. See more of her here.

Favorite Hawks Dancer
Click for bigger image

Destin is the one for us. More of her here.

Favorite Cavaliers Dancer

The Cavaliers site isn’t the best when it comes to exploiting their dance team. Nevertheless, from what we can tell, we like Stephanie. A bunch. More here.

Favorite Wizards Dancer

Click for bigger image

Sarah’s the magician here. See much more about the Wizards Dancers here.

Favorite Magic Dancer


We’re awfully fond of Megan, although, I was surprised at the, um, quality of the Magic Dancers. See for yourself.

Favorite Raptors Dancer


We like Vanessa an awful lot. You can see more Raptors Dancers here.

Favorite Pistons Dancer


Caitlin is the one that makes us act like Rasheed Wallace when a foul’s called on him. More here.

Favorite 76ers Dancer


Finally, we have Kelly from the 76ers Dance Team to close us out — although I think I COMPLETELY overlooked Erica. Yes, I believe so.

Not offense to Kelly. Not at all.

Well, sorry for the scroll monster but I think it was worth it. A couple of these images have “click for bigger views” on them so make sure you don’t miss out.

What, exactly, does this have to do with who is going to win what playoff series I’m not sure. But these dancers are certainly easy to look at.

Enjoy the basketball, provided you aren’t distracted by the above lovelies. We’ll be back tomorrow with a look at what the Western Conference has to offer.

Serena Williams is Really Healthy

The following picture is of WTA great, Serena Williams and it goes a long way in explaining why she can hit such powerful shots.

Serena Williams

To quote one Keanu “Neo” Reeves:


Again, is it any surprise that she can absolutely smoke the ball when she hits ground strokes? Any at all?

H/T to You Been Blinded.

Intentional Eye Candy: Caroline Pearce Is Gladiatorrific

We’re back after a March Madness-induced hiatus. Besides, I figured the UCLA cheerleaders got enough coverage as it is. ;) But we do have a new award winner for you today:

Allow me to introduce Caroline Pearce, a British athlete who has represented her country in the Heptathlon and bobsledding (to give an idea of her versatility). She’s also one of the contestants on England’s answer to the American Gladiators “craze,” a show simply called “Gladiators” (not sure why they left the “English” off). Oh yeah, did I forget to mention she’s incredibly hot?

Because she is. Observe:

Caroline Pearce Caroline Pearce Caroline Pearce

Caroline Pearce Caroline Pearce Caroline Pearce
Click to embiggen

What we have is a very talented athlete that’s incredibly good looking. Could you ask for anything more from an eye candy award. By the way, one of the hosts of the the English “Gladiators” is Kirsty Gallacher.

Kirsty Gallacher Kirsty Gallacher
Click to embiggen

Wouldn’t it be great to see Caroline and Kirsty wrestle? Perhaps in baby oil… OK, I’m embellishing the fantasy a little too much. Anyway, congratulations are in order to Caroline. Maybe you can take your IEC award with you to Gladiators.

You know, for good luck.

Even David Beckham’s iPod Is Awesome

Purple Beckham

While were not smitten with David Beckham, we acknowledge what he is: a pop culture icon who can do some wicked things with a soccer ball — as long as he’s in either the US or taking a free kick — and happens to be married to another pop culture icon; a relationship that reminds us of England’s version of Brad and Angelina.

Because of his pop-culture status, some seem to forget Beckham actually does something to earn some of this notoriety, unlike his wife who is still riding the Spice Girls wave, one that should have dissipated years and years ago.

Recently, Becks received his 100th cap for the English soccer/football team and to celebrate, his teammates gave him a little gift — a golden, 32-gig iPod, complete with engravings of England’s crest, his name and the occasion:

Gold iPod

See, even his iPod is awesome. I’m guessing the gold case is a play on his “Goldenballs” nickname. David Beckham: cooler than you or I could ever hope to imagine. The iPod just solidified his position.

H/T to You Been Blinded for the find.

Intentional Eye Candy: Kristine Engeset

Kristine Engeset

I’m taking the torch from SbB, who introduced me to the lovely Kristine Engeset (via Sport Magazine). Kristine is a 19-year old Scandinavian middle-distance runner that’s also one of the focal points for Puma’s recently-launched Puma Running campaign.

She was a silver medalist in the 3000-meter steeplechase at last year’s Junior Championship, meaning she has talent to go along with her natural beauty, not to mention a six-pack many women would die for (hell, men too).

Her immediate goal is to compete in the upcoming Summer Olympics, although, being a distance runner, she might need a surgical mask and a filter to breath correctly. As for us, our immediate goal is to bring you some awesome pictures of the smoking runner and so we will.

Kristine Engeset Kristine Engeset Kristine Engeset

Congrats on your IEC award, Kristine. May it bring you good fortune in your upcoming competitions. By the way, that Puma tattoo is smoking hot.

The New DIRECTV Hottie

If any of you were reading this past weekend, you’ll notice I mention the woman in the DIRECTV commercial a number of times. In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, observe:

Yeah, this’ll be tagged for March Madness, even though it’s not. But if it wasn’t for March Madness, I’m not sure I would’ve seen this…

Ana Ivanovic Gets It

Ana Ivanovic

The alluring tennis player understands what her audience wants to see and she’s obliging them; well, at least her masculine fans. For the upcoming Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Ana has agreed to wear a shorter skirt in order to attract more male fans (I doubt that’s a problem when she’s playing).

In case you are wondering, Ana’s tennis skirt will be two inches shorter:

“She’s a wonderful tennis player and a beautiful woman, but let’s face it, guys go to women’s matches to watch their skirts flip up while serving,” said Alan Garver, a representative from IMG. “Catching a glimpse of peach-colored panties, as delicate beads of perspiration slowly cascade down tight and tanned thighs, can be a splendid thing.

It often inspires the older male fans to harken back to their innocent youth and the days of grabbing their first breast or swapping spit with their cousin’s older girlfriend. So, on a business level, the hiking of the skirt works.”

Goodness. I didn’t realize the WTA was into the Letters to Penthouse industry. How come other sports spokespeople don’t try frame their offering like IMG is doing Ana?

I’m sure this is exactly what Billy Jean King envisioned when she whipped Bobby Riggs’ ass: shorter skirts on the attractive female players (actually, this is something BJK might support) and their representatives pitching it like it’s a Skinemax movie.

In other news, you gotta love The Sportsman Daily. Good stuff, as always.