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Archive for the ‘Eye Candy’ Category

The Evolution of a Sports Hottie

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SportsByBrooks, before becoming an awfully prominent sports blog (much to the denizens of Fark’s dismay), was known as a site that featured an awful lot of attractive “sports babes” who appeared for SbB-sponsored sports trivia contests at various So-Cal bars. There are tons of galleries of these appearances, preserving those memories for your personal pleasure.

One lady in particular got a level of notoriety — no, I’m not talking about Denise Milani, either — for a Photoshop mix-up. I’m referring to SbB girl Jessica (6, to be exact).

More on the sports hottie evolution after the jump >>

Figure Skating Dresses are Fun

Skater Malfunction

Saw this on Fark’s showbiz tab last night. Apparently, I’m not the only one. In the originating article, we learn the skater in question is the lovely and talented Ekaterina Rubleva. After her breast was exposed–or her boob popped out, depending on your chosen vernacular–the pair smiled (knowingly?) and continued their routine. I haven’t seen the scores of the event, but I wouldn’t be surprised if every male judge in the house gave the duo Ekaterina as many perfect 10s as they could.

I know I did.

If you’d like to see the unblocked version of Ekaterina’s unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, click here. Or you can click the lead image for a better view.

SI’s Best Sports Pictures of 2008

Paq Man

As we draw closer to the end of another year, it’s time for all of those nifty year-end compilations. Sports Illustrated got a little ahead of the game — these things usually come out after Christmas — when they released their Greatest Shots of 08, a 56-image gallery that captures the year in sports quite effectively. As expected, the Olympics are featured prominently, including that famous swimmer guy who attracts cute psychotics who don’t use AT&T Cingular.

More on SI’s images of the year after the jump >>

Surprise: UCLA Undie Run a Success

Undie Run

As expected,UCLA’s finals week annual underwear run was a fantastic success. Co-eds in panties running around Southern California? Sign me up. Anyway, as I indicated earlier, the undie run signifies an exponential increase in the college basketball slate, something I fully support as well. I mean, is there a better way than to kick off the end of the semester (and the increase of college basketball) than running through campus in your underwear?

If there is, I don’t want to know about it. After the jump, video from the outstanding event >>

The Force Is Strong In These Jerseys

Jedi Jerseys

There are times in a man’s life where mere words cannot describe what it is his eyes are seeing. The level of awesome (or evil for that matter) is so high and leaves such an indelible impression, the ability to articulate exits your body.

Welcome to one of those times.

More Star Wars jerseys after the jump >>

All Out Blitz – Pachyderms Eat Dawgs

Bama Wins

Another wild weekend has come and gone and we saw a group of pachyderms crush some dawgs, Oklahoma rise to the top, Houston hanging his Nutts on the Florida Gators, Rich Rodriguez perhaps save Michigan’s season and too much more to even mention.

The highlight of the weekend was Bama/Georgia and boy, it didn’t disappoint — provided you root for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. Meaningless second half point notwithstanding, Bama’s victory over Georgia was so definitive, they look like the class of a stacked SEC conference. 31-0? At the half? What happened, Coach Richt? Were you more worried about the blackout than you were getting your players ready?

More college football wrap after the jump >>

NFL Preview – A Quick Look at the NFC East

Dallas Cowboys


Which Dallas team will show up this season? The one that looked like the second best team in the NFL before the Thanksgiving game against Detroit or the one that played after and lost to the Eagles, Redskins and then the Giants in the playoffs?

Now, there’s no denying the talent on the Cowboys as names like Terrell Owens, Marcus Spears, Marion Barber, DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten and Tony Romo jump out at you. But that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee at most convenient stores. It’s not enough having a team with lots of attributes. You have to actually win to be successful in the NFL and not just in the regular season.

When you look for weaknesses, it’s hard to find many. As long as Roy Williams can’t cover, Dallas will remain susceptible to the long ball, unless Adam Jones becomes Terence Newman on the other side of the field. The Dallas receiving corps looks a little depleted but with the Owens on one side, the other receiver should have an easier time getting open. As for the running game, any team that features Marion Barber and rookie Felix Jones is potent, provided Jones progresses as expected.

One area of concern is whether or not Tony Romo can withstand the scrutiny he’ll face not only as the Cowboys quarterback but as the boyfriend of one of the most popular faces in the “entertainment” industry. However, he’s done a good job of it so far and with his teammates giving their approval to her presence, there’s just not much there. As long as Romessica doesn’t become a distraction — again — this shouldn’t be an issue.

Put me down for 12-4 (and the NFC East) only because they did 13-3 last season and winning that many games in the NFL isn’t easy.

Hottest Cowboys Cheerleader
Lots of choices here as we focus on the most popular cheerleading group in America. Of course, it helps when their site is set up like a MySpace page, allowing the ladies to post blog entries and pictures. Visitors can even leave comments, a service that probably has more moderators than a Chris Hansen Internet chat room sting.


Say hello to Sydney. She’s full of energy and a good friend — according to her profile, at least.

More NFC East after the jump >>

NFL Preview – A Quick Look At The AFC East

Bill Belichick

Welcome to the first annual NFL Preview. In this little segment, I do what the title infers — that is, preview each conference in the NFL. Just because, I am starting with the AFC East and working my through to the NFC West.

These previews will feature the teams in the order I expect them to finish in along with a brief outlook and a spotlight on the franchise’s hottest cheerleader. You know, the important stuff.

With that, let us begin the build up to the NFL, starting with the team that got really, really close to perfection last season:

New England Patriots

Tom Brady

It’s going to be really hard for the Patriots to improve upon last season’s regular season perfection and it’s unreasonable to think they can duplicate this feat. However, the Patriots offense — as long as Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Randy Moss are healthy — is as potent as any in the league. During last season’s eye-popping run, the Patriots scored a total of 75 touchdowns to their opponents 34.

If Kool-Aid man Laurence Maroney can provide a consistent running game that improves over last year’s 835 yards to take some of the pressure off of Brady, the offense will continue to smoke unprepared foes.

The defensive side of the ball, however, still remains suspect. There is talent with Richard Seymour, Rodney Harrison and company, but they are one year older. For a defense that started to show its age late last season, there are areas of concern. Are the linebackers too old? Can they recover from the loss of Asante Samuel?

All things considered, the Patriots have a pretty easy schedule and because of that, they will be in a position to represent the AFC in Super Bowl XLIII. Expect the Pats to finish 13-3 and to win the AFC East.

Hottest Patriots Cheerleader
Lots of choices here, but for my money, it’s the rookie Asia that really stands out.


Although, Bill Belichick’s cougar comes in a close second.

Read the rest of the AFC East preview >>