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Archive for the ‘Eye Candy’ Category

Sixers Cheerleaders + Denim = Win

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This great find from the guys at The700Level of some of the lovely Philadelphia 76ers cheerleaders getting you in the mood … For Christmas, dirty mind. Said video description is unnecessary, of course. The important details are “cheerleaders” and “denim.” The other details are just superfluous.

If there is one complaint to be had, mine would be “too much Cynthia Gouw.”

While the host is bubbly and cute, she’s not one of the Sixers cheerleaders, otherwise known as the reason we are watching this video. Oh and for the one or two female readers out there, there are some tips on jeans-buying.

You see? There’s something for everyone.

Reliving Josh Hamilton’s Greatness (Home Run Derby)

No, the Texas slugger isn’t participating in tonight’s Home Run Derby, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy his incredible 28-homer round from last year. The funny thing is, because totals don’t carry over to the final round, and because Hamilton couldn’t reproduce his first round magic, he wound up losing to Justin Morneau.

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Who Knew Cricket Was This Hot?

NSFW Cricket

I lived in England for the better part of 12 years — military brat — making me vaguely familiar with cricket; well, enough to know it wasn’t quite for me. I do not, however, recall seeing cricket fans acting like the randy lass in the image above me — nor in the video after the jump. What we have is simply a great find by our namesake, Unprofessional Foul (via, With Leather) of two lovely ladies enjoying some afternoon bowling and batting from the comfort of what looks like a box seat. One of the girls is on the phone when the person she’s talking to evidently lets her know her and her friend are on-camera.

Her friend makes the most of their fleeting fame by giving us something to remember her by:

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Anna K Can Still Pitch Shoes

Anna Kournikova

Say what you will about Anna’s tennis career — it certainly wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it was made out to be — but one this is certain, the woman might be the perfect “pitch man” for any athletic attire related to tennis. Just ask K-Swiss, who recently released images from their new Anna K-powered campaign.

The results are simply magnificent.

Click for bigger images

Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova

Now that is an ad campaign we can believe in. I’ve already order five pair of K-Swiss while I was typing this out. If I’m not mistaken, Anna is part of my purchase package as well. Wait? She’s not? Forget it then. I want a refund.

H/t to FanIQ for the find.

SI Swimsuit Models We Like: Daniella Sarahyba

Daniella Sarahyba

Our last SI feature of the day is Daniella Sarahyba, another Brazilian who looks absolutely stunning, especially that megawatt smile of hers. According to her personal information, Daniella started swimsuit modeling when she was 12, count ‘em, TWELVE years old. Apparently, the term “they start them early down there” was meant for Brazil’s modeling industry. Now that she’s safely legal, I have no problem enjoying everything Daniella brings to the table. From what I understand, she too likes guys named “Chris Richardson,” helping her get this coveted spot even more.

Could you imagine what Rio’s Carnival would be like if she was on your arm? As long as you can handle everybody in the place looking at who you arrived with, it’d all be gravy. Just make sure to leave your insecurities at home because a woman like Daniella would surely test them.

More Daniella after the jump >>

SI Swimsuit Models We Like: Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk
Luckiest lion. EVER.

Next up on our tour of SI’s Swimsuit Edition, 2009, is Irina Shayk. She has a tendency to make my vocabulary all Keanu Reeves like — that is, a lot of whoas. Because I know all of you are concerned about the accompanying text posts like these have, I’ll share a little bit about her: Irina is one of those Slavic beauties from Russia. She’s 23 years old — My God. Is that even fair? — and she likes dudes named “Chris Richardson.” She also hung the moon, scored 150 points at Madison Square Garden the other night and loves stomping the yard … Just checking to see if you are still with me.

I get the picture. Enough talk. More Iriana.

After the jump, Irina gets all kinds of sexy >>

SI Swimsuit Models We Like: Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker

It’s Sports Illustrated’s week, apparently. First there was the A-Rod business (still don’t care), and today, their Swimsuit Edition hit the intertubes — and the reaction is absolutely everywhere. So, instead of simply reviewing the issue or the like, I’m simply going to focus on a few of the models that stood out to me. Warning: These posts will not include Brooklyn Decker, Bar Refaeli or Danica Patrick. These ladies are already famous and don’t need any help of mine. No, instead, I’m focusing on perhaps some of the more unknown models who happened to catch my eye.

Oh, and no Jessica Gomes either. I’ve already established my affection for her. No use beating another dead horse with these posts.

My first spotlight focuses on SI rookie Cintia Dicker, a stunning redhead from Brazil, who also happens to have German blood coursing through her veins. Let’s see — red hair, fiery Brazilian with German blood. I doubt many people have ever won an argument against her.

Anyway, enough of my gab. On with the pics:

Cintia is on FIRE after the jump >>

SI Swims With the Ladies

Bar Refaeli
Click for full cover

It’s that time of year, folks. The time when Sports Illustrated turns into Titillation Illustrated, as incredibly gorgeous women literally pour out of their pages, some wearing less then dental floss, some wearing nothing but body paint (!!!!). One of the reasons this year’s SI Swimsuit Edition makes me so happy — more Jessica Gomes. We’re huge, HUGE fans of Miss Gomes, so this time of year is almost like Christmas all over again.

You can see why here:

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica after the jump >>