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Archive for the ‘College Football’ Category

Seeing Steve Spurrier’s Visor Mean’s Only One Thing

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Steve Spurrier

College football’s back!!! Let the heavens sing and the people party. While tonight’s reintroduction to the sport designed to spark months of conversations of postseason controversy doesn’t feature a marquee game — Southern Mississippi at South Carolina — what it symbolizes is good enough. And hey, anytime you get to watch Steve Spurrier juggle quarterbacks, especially when a true freshman is in the mix, times are good.

So let’s raise our glasses to the return of fall weekends devoted to crazy signs behind Lee Corso’s head; Kirk Herbstreit’s perfectly-coiffed hair; a chance to hear Keith Jackson’s voice, even if it is in commercial format; hot college fans and cheerleaders; Layla Kiffin; the SEC on CBS; the madness that is Boise State crashing BCS parties; red sweater vests; new Nike Pro Combat uniforms; Heisman hopefuls; and for me, the return of Randall Cobb — just to name a few.

UCLA Cheerleaders

Life, as we know it, is now good again. To help celebrate, here’s what might be the best rap song about football. Ever.

Yeah, it’s concentrating on the Wildcats, but the chorus reigns supreme:

“It’s the sport of kings, better than diamond rings. Football.”

Iowa Linemen, Trucks and Motorcycles Don’t Mix

This video’s making its way around the blogosphere at an exponential rate, and with understandable reason. What we have is Iowa Hawkeyes offensive lineman Josh Koeppel enjoying an afternoon spin on his small Yamaha motorcycle. I’m sure things were going well for him: Nice weather, breeze in his face, and then — *BAM* — and he enters a popular Iowa City intersection and some dumbass in a truck isn’t paying attention.

Next thing you know, he’s doing backwards somersaults off the bike while what looks like his shoe gets about 30 feet’s worth of elevation. Ah, the joys of coming to a complete, abrupt, unexpected stop when riding a motorcycle.

Fortunately for Koeppel, his injuries weren’t life-threatening — which is a surprise considering the violence of the collision. Police representatives stated Koeppel “appears he’s going to be fine,” which is fairly amazing when you watch the video.

Mark Ingram’s Knee Gets in The Way

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram’s defense of his Heisman trophy, as well his efforts towards helping the Alabama Crimson Tide win another BCS Championship has been put on hold, at least for one game. According to, Ingram had “minor” arthroscopic surgery on his left knee after injuring it during a Monday evening practice session. Ingram will miss Bama’s opener against San Jose State, but Nick Saban doesn’t think Ingram’s left knee will be an issue later in the season; a result of repairing Ingram’s knee immediately, as opposed to treating the issue with rest and a “wait and see” attitude.

“It was a situation where everyone involved thought it would be better to take care of now, so he would not have any issues with it later in the season,” Saban said.

While it’s unlikely Ingram will be missed against San Jose State, if the issue does happen to linger, the idea of Alabama going back-to-back becomes less likely; although, Trent Richardson — who some say is the best running back on Bama’s squad (Richardson disagrees) — might have something to say about that.

As it stands, Richardson will get the staring nod as Ingram continues to heal.

Clap Along With the KU Band

I saw this this weekend over at The Big Lead, and it’s just too awesome not to repost here:

For all of the Kansas Jayhawks fans who almost break their wrists trying to keep up with fight songs, this instructional video was made specifically for you. Now get out there and clap your hands off, especially for the football team.

The basketball team gets plenty of support already.

Nick Saban Blocks NFL Scouts

Nick Saban

After going off on what he perceives as modern-day pimps at the SEC Media Day, Nick Saban is taking some steps to protect his players from exposure to that side of the football world. The Alabama Crimson Tide coach has blocked NFL scouts from attending Alabama’s practices in a move many see as payback the NFL’s apparent lack of action against what Saban perceives as unscrupulous player agents.

Saban isn’t the only SEC coach to block NFL scouts either. Urban Meyer is following Alabama’s lead, although, there’s some ambiguity involved.

While these reactions are understandable, if not a little misguided — “amateur” players who cross the agent line know their actions can cause a lot of trouble for their teams — it’s reminiscent of Col. Strelnikov’s quote in Red Dawn:

If a fox stole your chickens… Would you slaughter your pig because he saw the fox? No. You would hunt the fox.”

Apparently, identifying agents and their runners is a little harder than recognizing, and denying entrance to, official NFL scouts.

Alabama Tops Preseason Poll

Mark Ingram

Last year’s king of college football is back on top of the preseason polls, as we get closer and closer to the start of the season. USAToday’s first poll of the upcoming college football season hit the stands today, and as expected, the team looking down on everybody else is the Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama received 55 first place votes, while the second-ranked team, Ohio State, received four.

Rounding out the top five are Florida, Texas, and everybody’s favorite non-automatic qualifier, upstart Boise State. The high preseason ranking makes Boise State’s road to the BCS trophy a little easier to achieve, provided they survive the Virginia Tech season opener.

As for the Tide, Nick Saban returns a powerful team, especially on the offensive side of the ball, which features eight returning starters , including Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram. Provided the defense performs up to Saban’s standards — not a certainty, considering the turnover; but then again, that’s what all of those monster recruiting classes are for — Alabama is in a great position to repeat as BCS Champions.

Granted, they have to survive a fairly brutal schedule that includes games against Penn State, at Arkansas, a visit from a non-Tim Tebow Florida, and trips to Tennessee and LSU on back-to-back weekends. It’s safe to say if Bama finishes the season with an unblemished record, they’ll be at the top of the BCS rankings.

By a wide margin.

The question I’m left asking is, if they do win multiple championships, will Alabama build multiple Nick Saban statues?

Nick Saban’s Statue Still a Work in Progress

Nick Saban Statue

Win a national championship mythical title represented by a crystal trophy in college football while coaching the Alabama Crimson Tide? That’s a statue-ing. Just ask Nick Saban. The question is, when will the Saban Statue be revealed to the unwashed masses? After targeting September 4th, the start of Alabama’s football season, the dedication has been delayed.

In fact, they haven’t even started building/sculpting the thing, hence the author’s rendition of what a Nick Saban statue might look like.

According to, the plan is to unveil the Saban Monument sometime during the 2010 season, and considering the other details are currently ambiguous, it wouldn’t be surprising if the dedication was delayed until the Auburn/Bama game on November 26th.

I’m also expecting a sacrificial offering of a virgin Bama co-ed to be found at the foot of the statue the following morning. Hey, whatever it takes to keep those crystal trophies coming.

Keep The Eye Black Messages To Yourself

Tim Tebow

It’s a good thing Tim Tebow’s colligeiate career is over, because the NCAA will no longer allow messages, symbols or any expression of personal belief, area codes, or general shout outs on a player’s eye black. It’s too bad Tebow won’t be at Florida in 2011, because for some reason, I’d like to see him like this:

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