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Archive for the ‘College Basketball’ Category

Brandon Paul Wrecks Southern Illinois

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This little ditty got lost in the football shuffle over the weekend, but that shouldn’t reduce your enjoyment. What we have is Illinois sophomore guard Brandon Paul dunking all over Carlton Fay (6-4 over 6-8) during the Fighting Illini’s 85-63 win. While the result was an expected outcome, Paul’s nasty dunk provided a nice cherry on top of the in-state beatdown.

For his efforts, Paul finished with 9 points; none more memorable than the emphatic two he flushed over the late-rotating Fay. Although, considering how much higher Paul was, I’m not sure any rotation from Fay would’ve made much of a difference.

Derrick Williams’ Early “Dunk of the Year” Dunk

One thing I love about early basketball: the reintroduction to in-game dunks and the enjoyment associated. Inevitably, the hiatus makes us enjoy the dunk in an “absence makes the heart grow fonder” kind of way, and declare such early dunks as “dunk of the year” and other overreactions. I’m guilty of the same behavior, whether it’s folks like Paul George or the first good dunk of the season is normally met with massive enthusiasm.

Such is the case with Derrick Williams of the Arizona Wildcats. Williams was on the receiving end of a an alley-opp from point guard MoMo Jones, and needless to say, he finished the “opp” part with some unexpected flourish.

Williams’ dunk helped cap an impressive showing from second-year coach Sean Miller, who is looking to get his Wildcats back to the top of the Pac-10, a conference ripe for one of their traditional basketball powers to reclaim their position as one of the best schools on the basketball environment.

A Word About Free Enes

Free Enes

This completely self-serving post is my response the NCAA’s decision to rule Enes Kanter permanently ineligible. Sure, a knee-jerk, “screw the NCAA” immediately came to mind, but after almost 24 hours to reflect, while allowing the emotion of the moment to dissipate, I think I’m ready share my feelings.

My feelings about a maddeningly-inconsistent NCAA eligibility house that allows Renardo Sidney to atone for his amateur status-threatening ways; about the fact $33,000 is apparently worth more than someone who legitimately tried to restore their amateur status, all while walking away from lucrative contracts and the associated benefits of playing pro basketball in Turkey; about the double-standard folks like A.J. Green have faced; about the entire, farcical, two-faced approach the almighty dollar — all for them (and football, too), none for you — system; and I think I can do it in one word, or expression, if you will.

That word is simply:


That’s about all I’m good for when it comes to anything regard the NCAA’s incredibly-fair enforcement of their rules.

Tom Hodges is a Bigger Pimp Than You

Tom Hodges

That, friends, is Tom Hodges, head coach of the Morehead State women’s basketball team, and judging by his incredible argyle suit, Hodges is an absolute pimp. I’m talking to the nth degree, here. The suit is so incredible, I’m almost at a loss for words. Perhaps they should’ve sent a poet to describe the Hodges suit phenomenon, because I’m not sure I’m capable of doing such an amazing suit the justice it deserves.

Whatever the correct words are, Hodges owes a little bit of his swagger to John Daly’s Loudmouth Golf clothing company:

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Maryland Fans Still Love Duke, Jay Williams

Jay Williams Tweet

While ESPN goes out of their way to convince us Duke/Carolina is the end-all, be-all of college basketball rivalries, the recently buzzer-beater-granted Maryland Terrapins and Duke have had some barn-burners as well; and hey, any rivalry that produces a quality sign like this has to be awesome. That’s why the lead tweet from former Blue Devil Jay Williams really comes as no surprise.

In case you missed it, Williams’ NBA career was cut short by a nasty motorcycle wreck, and because of that, one could imagine he wouldn’t take kindly to such comments. Fortunately, the barbs didn’t seem to bother Williams, at least while his employer — ESPN — was watching.

So while college football fans get most of the attention, thanks in large part to ESPN’s College GameDay/Everybody-Bring-Your-Sign show, college basketball fans aren’t shy about sharing their feelings towards opponents, either.

H/t to Jamie Mottram for pointing this out.

The First Buzzer-Beater of the Season

Jordan Williams

The College of Charleston has always been a thorn in the side of big-time basketball programs. Whether it’s upsets — they have a few — or simply playing bigger schools incredibly tough, the Cougars will make your bigger school earn it. Just ask Maryland. The Terps had to earn their win over College of Charleston, and if not for a buzzer-beater from freshman Pe’Shon Howard, this post would be all about Charleston’s sweet early-season upset.

Alas, Howard helped Maryland avoid such a distinction.

Video after the jump >>

The Return of College Basketball

Cutting down the nets

While we’re in the firm grasp of football season, there’s another minor sport making its official debut tonight as college basketball returns. Yes, football is the preferred drug/sport of choice for the populace, but some of us like college basketball more. Sure, the slate isn’t as beefy as other, non-college basketball opening days, but some is a lot better than none. Friday’s schedule has much more to offer, with 17 of the Top 25 in action, but again, there’s college freaking basketball tonight.

I’m not complaining.

The action is “headlined” by the fact three ranked teams, Pittsburgh (4th), Illinois (16th) and Texas are taking their respective court for the Coaches vs. Cancer round-robin get-together. All of their games are expected to be of the tune-up type, although, Pitt will can’t overlook their opponent, the Rhode Island Rams, who finished their 2009/10 campaign with a 23-9 record and have talent returning.

The Pitt and the Texas games are on ESPNU.

Videos and such after the jump >>

Herb Sendek Gets In On The Dougie Craze

…And the results are about what you’d expect. Don’t get me wrong, white guys in the basketball universe who dance are always good for laugh, thanks to the intrepid, pioneering ways of Mark Madsen, but for heaven’s sake, can we please stop with the Dougie? Hell, I’d prefer a flashback to the days where the Cabbage Patch ruled all.

In fact, I’d pay money to see Sendek do the Cabbage Patch, followed by the Running Man. Arizona State would never be the same again.

H/t to The Dagger for the find.