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Jeannine Edwards

Last season, thanks to some unnecessary surliness from then-Kentucky head coach Billy Gillispie, Jeannine Edwards found herself in the middle of a little sports blog notoriety. Granted, public opinion was on Edwards’ side, but it did become a defining moment for her role as sideline reporter for ESPN.

In case your memory needs refreshing, Edwards asked Gillispie about a poor scoring half for Jodie Meeks — who had recently scored 54 points against the University of Tennessee — and Edwards was greeted with attitude and unsolicited opinion about her reporting style (Gillispie arrogantly said Edwards query was “a bad question”). Thanks to the sports blogosphere, the moment was replayed over and over and over again.

Fast forward to this season. Kentucky, by their fans’ estimation, has returned to their rightful place as one of the best teams in college basketball, and as their new coach continues his “feel good” tour — that is, trying his hardest to “sell” his program — apparently, John Calipari thought it would be prudent to have Edwards on his weekly coaching show as a guest, and thanks to a good-natured Edwards, the two had fun with Gillispie’s comments.

Advantage, Edwards.

The ball’s in Billy Gillispie’s court. Too bad his coaching status has him in a position where he can’t do a damn thing about it in terms of replying. Of course, knowing Gillispie, he’d probably have a really good buzz when he issued his response as it is.

H/t to Rush the Court for the image.