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Archive for April, 2010

Mark Cuban Flips Out After Mavericks Lose

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Mark Cuban

The Dallas Mavericks’ season came to a disappointing end against the San Antonio Spurs last night, losing their opening round series, 4-2. The realization that the mid-season moves made the Mavericks didn’t work apparently didn’t sit too well with Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. As a response to such unsettling news, Cuban took his frustrations out on one of the Gatorade jugs in his vicinity.

Naturally, there’s a video and an animated gif of Cuban’s emotional outburst.

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Grant Hill Takes Jerryd Bayless’ Poster Away

Check out those young legs on Grant Hill! Question, if Bayless completes the dunk, it’s a poster, much like it was when Trevor Ariza dunked over Hill. Does Hill’s block make it a reverse-posterization? I think it does. Speaking of Hill’s energetic legs, during the Phoenix Suns elimination of the Portland Trail Blazers, Hill did his best Dennis Rodman impersonation, posting a doing-the-dirty-work line of 3 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

And thanks to San Antonio finishing off the Dallas Mavericks, we now have a second-round rematch of the Spurs and the Suns. You know, rivals who can gives us stuff like this:

Can we start the series tonight?

Team USA’s World Cup Jersey Is Awfully Sexy

Playboy World Cup

…Thanks to the modelling skills of Playboy model, Danielle Fornarelli. Much like their pictorial of the US Swim Team’s uniforms, Playboy does their best to bring even more beauty to the world’s most beautiful sport, and with Miss Fornarelli, Team USA’s kit has never looked better. According to reports, not only are the World Cup uniforms sexy (when Fornarelli dons them), they’re also environmentally friendly.

…jerseys made entirely from recycled polyester. Each one is produced from up to eight discarded plastic bottles sourced from landfill sites.

Sexy and ecologically friendly? That’s almost too much good news for one person to handle. Yeah, yeah. Enough with the words, give me more Danielle, right? Look no further:

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Elbow Aside, LeBron’s Going to Play

LeBron's Elbow

The People’s Elbow, well, for the city of Cleveland, anyway, isn’t going to miss any time when the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland LeBrons meet in the second round of the NBA Playoffs on Saturday. There was a modicum of concern after LeBron’s reaction to the pain, not to mention the left-handed free throw, after the Cavaliers closed out their series with the Chicago Bulls. The results of yesterday’s retest revealed no structural damage. Instead, LeBron is suffering from a strained elbow, coupled with a bruised bone in the same vicinity.

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Will Devil May Care Crash The Guy’s Party?

Devil May Care

We’re almost upon the First Saturday in May, which, of course, means the 136th Kentucky Derby is almost upon us. Throughout it’s long history, there have only been three fillies to win horse racing’s individual crown jewel. Will the 2010 running yield a fourth? If so, the odds are good that filly could wind up being Devil May Care. According to some, Devil May Care, much like Rachel Alexander was in 2009, could be the best three-year old racing horse for the 2010 racing season.

In order to quantify the hype — at least to casual horse racing fan (guilty) — Devil May Care will need to win the Derby, something a filly hasn’t accomplished since 1988. The question is, how good are her chances to become the fourth winning filly ever? According to her trainers, the odds are good:

More on Devil May Care’s chances after the jump >>

LeBron’s Elbow Still Hurts

King James

While he doesn’t think it’s anything serious, the NBA’s best player is still bothered by his right elbow, which, from James’ descriptions, sounds like it’s in perpetual “I just hit my funny bone” status. While he doesn’t think the elbow will be an issue against the Boston Celtics — he even tells Cleveland fans not to worry — if the joint continues to give him the same kind of problems, it will affect James’ scoring effectiveness. If you need further proof about that, just watch him shoot that left-handed free throw again.

As indicated, James doesn’t think his elbow’s in any trouble:

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Manu Struggles To Protect His Nose

Manu Ginobili

Thanks to the take down skills of Eduardo Najera, Manu Ginobili will be finishing the 2010 Playoffs with a busted nose. Because basketball is something of a contact sport — especially playoff basketball — the Spurs excellent wing player has been trying different nose-pad styles, all of which are about as aesthetically pleasing as roadkill.

With Ginobili rejecting the idea of wearing a Richard Hamilton-style face mask, those nose pads, which look like super-sized Breath-Rite strips, are about the only protective option he has. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s been working as well as he’s wanted, hence the color changes between Game 4 and 5.

The lead image shows what his nose protection looked like in Game 5. Unfortunately, without the courtesy of a good screenshot, there aren’t any great pictures of Ginobili’s nose guard from last night’s Game 5. Thank goodness for the power of Photoshop, or in the case of this particular blogger, Fireworks (sorry, it’s just a much better web graphics program), because now we have a better idea of what Ginobili’s massive, flesh-colored band-aid looked like.

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Don’t Heckle Hockey Players

Yeah, I know our NHL coverage has been, well, sparse, to put it mildly, but that doesn’t mean the NHL Playoffs aren’t always enjoyable sports-watching, especially in overtime situations. No, I suppose I fall onto the “out of sight, out of mind” side of the fence, and yes, that’s meant as an indictment of Versus. Sure, they broadcast in hi-def and their coverage does get viewers, but I’ve allowed myself to be brainwashed by ESPN. Maybe my response to NHL Playoffs will change if the two entities partner up again.

Mea culpas aside, one thing’s pretty clear: If you are a fan of the about-to-be-bounced-out-of-the-playoff Nashville Predators and your are near the Chicago Blackhawks’ penalty box with Duncan Keith inside, leave the enemy combatants alone, or else you might wind up getting sprayed. Granted, the penalty box is surrounded by glass, but that didn’t stop the fan in the video from flinching so severely, his arm would’ve been covered with black-and-blue bruises if he was playing the “two for flinching” game.

Unfortunately, Mr Heckler’s efforts didn’t help his team either. The Blackhawks closed out the Predators by winning last night’s game, 5-3.

H/t to 670 The Score for the video.