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Archive for February, 2010

Just Don’t Do It? (Nike Gear)

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Nike Hyper Elite

Nike is currently revolutionizing the way folks design team uniforms, at least in the sport of college basketball — or they are at least trying to. Teams like Syracuse, Kentucky, UConn, Duke and Texas have some pretty wild designs on the backs of their jerseys, something the lead image captures quite well. However, just because something looks good on a jersey doesn’t mean it will look good on a t-shirt.

Case-in-point: a Nike T for Kentucky, and the design was inspired by the Wildcat on the back of the Wildcats’ jerseys. See for yourself:

Nike Hyper Elite

Fortunately, or un, depending on the way you view Ed Hardy-inspired gear (I take this approach, personally), Kentucky is the only school “lucky” enough to have one of these shirt designs; although, if they sell well enough, I can imagine the aforementioned other Nike Elite schools getting something similar.

So yeah, if you are willing to jump all over the Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier style to support your team — and your team resides in Lexington, Kentucky — Nike’s heard your calling. Personally, if this were the Ball Don’t Lie blog, I’d give the design only one Muggsy Bogues. Memo to Nike: Just because you can DO something doesn’t mean you have to DO it.

I mean, it’s almost trashy enough to be a cross between an Ed Hardy and a Wolf’s Howl shirt. Is that necessarily the best thing, folks?

Tom Crean Went OFF

Tom Crean

It’s been a trying season for the Indiana Hoosiers and head coach Tom Crean. A 9-18 record (3-12 in the Big Ten); a knee injury for stud-freshman, Maurice Creek (averaging 16 points at the time he was hurt); a current nine-game losing streak featuring some ugly, ugly 83-55 and 78-46 types of lopsided scores. In short, it’s not the kind of season Indiana fans or Crean wanted or envisioned. Granted, the Creek injury was huge, but still, if you are Crean, you don’t expect your team to get absolutely blindsided, again and again.

Apparently, last night’s lose to Wisconsin was Crean’s breaking point, and at the 9:53 mark of the second half, Mount Crean erupted. Like, Mount St Helens.

After the jump, we’ll have more from Crean’s epic ejection, including more pictures >>

The Official Song of the John Wall Dance

Yes, I know I’ve talked about the John Wall Dance to ad-nauseum levels, but this gem signifies the pinnacle of the current dance craze. What we have is fellow by the name of Cash, who’s from Raleigh, North Carolina, and this is his song called “Do Da John Wall.” While I’m not entirely sure if Cash is a Kentucky fan, he certainly loves him some John Wall (What, the song didn’t give that fact away?).

In Cash’s defense, considering North Carolina State’s subpar season, I can understand why he’s looking elsewhere for college basketball enjoyment.

In case you want more of Cash’s sound, check out his MySpace, which features another gem called “I Got My Bread Rite.” Somehow, I don’t think he’s talking about Rite-Aid, either.

H/t to KSR for pointing this out.

Jarvis Varnado Blocks Shots at a Record Pace

Jarvis Varnado

Introducing your new NCAA all-time blocked-shots leader, Mississippi State Bulldog, Jarvis Varnado. Varnado claimed sole possession of the title last night, during the Bulldogs win against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The record-breaking block — Varnado had eight in the game (Wowzers) — came against a shot from the Tide’s Mikhail Torrance. Varnado’s career blocks total stands at 536.

The previous record, held by Louisiana-Monroe’s Wojciech Mydra, was 535.

I’m not sure what’s rarer: the blocked shots record being broken or the fact the team with the record-breaking player actually won. Usually, when an individual accomplishment occurs in these kinds of games, the team with the record-breaker seems to wind up on the losing end. Not so with Mississippi State. Not only did they avoid the team letdown, the Bulldogs also kept their March Madness hopes alive.

Video of Varnado’s record-breaking block after the jump >>

Ashleigh McIvor > Team Canada Hockey

Ashleigh McIvor

Dear Canada,

Instead of waiting for your Olympic Hockey team to justify your attendance at the 2010 Winter Olympics, you might want to focus more of your attention on someone whose actually won something. In this case, Ashleigh McIvor has everything you could ask for. She’s the best in her sport (Women’s Ski Cross) — at least, as of today — and she’s incredibly photogenic, on top of being quite attractive. If, my Canadian friends, you’re unsure on how to capitalize on her win, take some lessons from us, your American neighbors, and the marketing blitz we used with Lindsey Vonn.

More on McIvor’s significant win after the jump >>

Kobe Returned To Work Against Memphis

Kobe Dunk

After sitting out for a couple of weeks to rest various bumps, bruises and ailments, Kobe Bryant made a very triumphant return to the Lakers roster last night, scoring an extremely efficient 32 points, including the game-winning 3-point shot that put the Memphis Grizzlies away for evening. For the night, Bryant was 13-19 from the field for 32 points (3-4 from behind the arc) while grabbing seven rebound and handing out six assists.

He also added three steals to his statistic total.

I mentioned something about Bryant being efficient, and to illustrate the point, his PER (player efficiency rating) for last night’s workload was 42. For comparison’s sake, the PER league leader this season is LeBron James, who averages about a +32 PER.

Anyway, enough math. How about some highlights of Kobe’s game-winning shot?

After the jump >>

Ole Miss Wants Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Ackbar

The students at Ole Miss University are voting on a new mascot today, and there’s a groundswell of support for an unexpected nominee: Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi. While the university has the final say on the new mascot — meaning Ackbar’s nomination will probably be ignored — that hasn’t stopped Mississippi’s students from trying to effect change.

The Ackbar movement even has its own site, as well as Twitter and Facebook profiles.

As indicated, the vote is taking place today, so if you are an Ole Miss student who wants to add some Mon Calamari flavor to your campus, make sure you make your check-marks heard.

The following is a show of support from a fan of one SEC school to another, and I hope the it brings the Ackbar movement so luck:

Video after the jump >>

Team Canada’s Tremendously Tremendous Collision

Team Canada

While the majority of us are still basking in the glow of Team USA’s big time hockey win against Team Canada last night — no, I don’t care if it was only a preliminary round; Team USA hadn’t beaten Team Canada in Olympics Hockey in 50 years — I figured it would be fun to have some more fun at the expense of Team Canada, and thanks to the fine folks who upload at Imgur, we have just thing: An animated gif of that three-man collision from the second quarter.

Because of the image’s size (almost three megabytes), it’s coming up after the jump.

Jump ahead>>