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Archive for November, 2008

Great Mustaches of the NBA

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Kurt Rambis

As proud representatives of the Movember movement, I thought highlighting some great NBA mustaches would go a little way in helping with some additional recognition for Movember’s cause. With that in mind, I’ve selected some memorable staches, some from the vintage days and some from the 80s. Kurt Rambis is our lead image, and after looking at that lip, it’s easy to see why.

Unfortunately, Adam Morrison didn’t make the cut, but it’s not for a lack of effort.

Because of trends, most in this collection are considered old school players, meaning the mighty mustache needs to make a comeback in the NBA. It’s a moral imperative. Anyway, here are a number of players sporting awesome lip hair that stood out to me. If I missed anyone, please let me know.

See more great mustache action after the jump >>

LSU Fans Are Awesome

LSU Fans

During the fall/winter seasons, there are some things sports fans can count on. One of the primary being just how awesome LSU football fans are. Whether it’s at a tailgate or inside the stadium, you can always count on the LSU faithful to provide heaps drunken, sassy, SEC Conference-lovin’ entertainment. Thanks to the greatness provided by Nick Saban’s return trip to Baton Rouge a couple of weeks ago, we went out and put together this little collection of awesome LSU fanhood-dome for prosperity’s sake.

To start this wonderful journey, we’ll begin with a classic tailgating gem:

Drunk LSU fans and staging tables. What a combination.

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What Does 167 Points Look Like?

Pat Knight
Dad’s teams never scored like this

Last night, the Texas Tech Red Raider basketball team decided to emulate Mike Leach’s philosophy that says the best way to beat a team is to outscore them. Humiliatingly so. And so, the basketball version of the Red Raiders beat East Central University, 167-115. So much for that Bobby Knight-inspired, hard-nosed man-to-man defense, aye?

The 282 point total represents a whole lot of offense and the defensive skills of a Paul Westhead-coached Denver Nuggets team. The defense was so ineffective, the Red Raiders scored 90 of their 167 in the second half — you know, after the break where coaches make their most effective adjustments?

Apparently, defense wasn’t a point of emphasis in those halftime speeches. Nevertheless, the game provided an entertaining box score with lots and lots of double-figure numbers. Here are some of the highlights, numbers-wise:

A statistical breakdown after the jump >>

Duke’s Got Some Dunkers

Gerald Henderson

I admit, I was skeptical when I saw the Duke Blue Devils ranked in the preseason top 5, but it appears as if my reservations were, if anything, premature. Granted, it’s still too early to tell much of anything about the state of the college basketball world a week-plus into the season, but it does look like Duke deserved the attention.

Last night, during their game against the Southern Illinois Salukis, the Blue Devils put on an offensive display that included two nasty dunks, one from Gerald Henderson and the other from Nolan Smith. If this is the type of offensive attack we can expect from Duke all season, they might actually be able to challenge North Carolina in the ACC and perhaps get past the Sweet 16, something the Blue Devils haven’t done since the 2003-04 season.

Duke dunk videos after the jump >>

Michael Phelps Likes $5 Footlongs

Phelps Footlong

Apparently, the Beijing Golden Boy can’t get enough of that incredible Subway jingle, and so, he’s decided to endorse their product. Phelps will be joining other professional athletes — But wait, isn’t he still an amateur? I don’t understand Olympic rules. — like Reggie Bush, Ryan “MVP” Howard and Michael Strahan pitching the product that made Jared famous and commercial jingles fun again; at least for me.

I’m wondering if he’ll go on Dan LeBatard’s show and tell him all about it? The presser has more, if you actually need anymore details:

Mr. Phelps and SUBWAY(R) are a natural fit because they are both advocates of active and healthy lifestyles. Through his Michael Phelps Foundation, Mr. Phelps promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and advocates swimming for children. During his travel for training, meets and races, he takes advantage of the 30,000 SUBWAY(R) locations.

“SUBWAY(R) restaurants have always given me the options that I am looking for – whether that’s healthy sandwiches before a big meet or the tasty meatball sub that I treat myself with,” stated Michael Phelps. “I was ready to take my SUBWAY(R) fan-dom to the next level – I really think of SUBWAY(R) as a champion food option.”

I hope that “champion food option” doesn’t become their catchphrase. The $5 footlong song is hotter than “Crank Dat” and I don’t want Subway screwing around with something so golden. Not even for something equally golden (Phelps, not the phrase).

Welcome to the Goal Scorers Club, Freddy

Sorry for all the videos today, but I just had to share this.

The soccer wunderkind known as Freddy Adu netted his first goal for the US Men’s National Team last night in route to a 2-0 win over Guatemala off of a nifty little set play. Adu has played sporadically for the “varsity” team, but as long as he continues to perform like last night, expect “sporadic” to become “long-term fixture.”

Furthermore, if that’s the kind of free-kicks we can expect from Adu, he’ll be around the US Team for a long time. He hasn’t even turned 20 yet, so again, I think it’s safe to say Adu will have many more opportunities to bend the ball like he did last night.

Denver Cheerleaders Are Bouncy

After watching that, I feel like quoting some lyrics from that song Tigger sings whenever he’s bouncing along:

They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy,
Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

I’m not the only one either. The Nuggets announcers enjoyed the show as much, if not more. And if you are offended by us objectifying women, what purpose, exactly, do cheerleaders serve other than the way she just bounced? I’m sure they are all intelligent, respectful human beings.

Unfortunately, that’s not the first thing I see.

Hooray, cheerleaders!

Introducing Paul George

Hi, my name is — chicka, chicka — Paul George.

Get used to seeing his name because the Fresno State freshman is just now bursting on to the college basketball scene and with hops like that, this won’t be the last time you hear from him. Did I mention he was only a freshman?

Now, some are calling this the Dunk of the Year. I’m not sure if I’m ready to go quite that far yet, seeing how the season is a little over a week old and there’s bound to be a lot of eye-popping flushes. Hell, you never know. Maybe George will outdo himself. I mean, he does play in the WAC Conference. I’m sure he’ll have an abundance of chances.

In other news, George’s dunk was SportCenter’s play of the night on Tuesday. That’s a good start down the path of “Dunk of the Year.”