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Archive for April, 2008

Soccer Commercials Rule

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If the beautiful game is supposed to be so freaking boring (something I wholeheartedly disagree with), why does it allow the best damn sports commercials around? 2008 is only 5 months old and we’ve already had this one and now we have two more to add to the ever-growing pile of awesomeness.

This first one was evidently directed by Guy Ritchie and it shows the game from the 1st-person perspective.

I’m particularly fond of the vomiting scene. It reminds me of when I play. Or at least, after I sub out.

This next one is features just about everybody from the Nike Soccer stable and it encourages players to improve their game, no matter what their deficiency is. If you can only shoot right-footed, work on your left and so on. Good stuff.

Hat-tips are certainly in order as well. Thanks to the The Beautiful Game and 101 Great Goals for finding and posting these gems — which I’d like to see more of, as opposed to the Nike Sparq stuff — because, you know, I’ve got strong all day.

Some Bengals Fans Are Done With Ocho Cinco

When you are throwing a franchise under a bus — a franchise that’s given you a great deal of leeway when it comes to on-field antics — remember, you are throwing the fanbase under the bus as well. To say Chad Johnson was a fan-favorite would be like saying Michael Jordan could play basketball. While correct, it doesn’t quite capture the magnitude of either subject.

Chad Johnson’s jerseys sold like hot cakes to the Cincinnati faithful (yes, there are some) and now that he’s decided he’s bigger than the franchise, at least one of these fans has had enough.

Good luck trying to get out of the Queen City, Chad. It’s obvious the potential salary cap hit means more to Bengals front-office than your happiness does. Besides, I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on inside the mind of a receiver who would risk going to a bad team without a proven quarterback over catching passes from Carson Palmer.

That just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense; much like the Monday Night Football/Hall of Fame jacket Johnson donned last season.

H/T to You Been Blinded for the find.

Update: Using Chad Johnson jerseys as fuel for a fire isn’t the only thing being done with them. SBB has more.

Did McCready Out Clemens?

McCreadyBy now, you’ve all heard about the Mindy McCready/Roger Clemens hubbub (guys do it all the time, folks) and McCready’s subsequent admittance of the relationship, however, what we haven’t heard about is who leaked this “information” to the New York Daily News. If you remember, in their first article, the Daily News credited sources for these revelations.

My question is, considering how she’s trying to recapture her career and has a reality show called Mending Mindy coming out, could she be the source of the Daily News’ scoop?

I mean, who wouldn’t want a little extra publicity to help market a comeback, regardless if it is glowing or based on an affair. What’s important to a person trying to recapture their lost celebrity status is getting back in the spotlight.

And that’s certainly what’s happened with McCready.

Let’s not forget she also admitted the relationship was, in fact, intimate and that she finds Clemens to be a “kind, caring man.” In other words, she’s feeding the fire the so-called sources ignited by bringing this stuff to the Daily News. The question I find myself asking is, was it McCready herself that spilled the beans to the Daily News, just so she could own up to it a day after the initial report broke.

I’ll say this for Roger Clemens: he’s certainly a valuable person to know if you want to launch or relaunch your fame star. Just ask McNamee and McCready.

In other news, is it a coincidence both of Clemens’ newfound nemeses have an “Mc” at the beginning of their last names? Maybe the two of them conspired against the Rocket. You know, solidarity for people with “Mc”s in their last name.

Whatever the case, this whole Roger Clemens being Munsoned certainly looks like it’s coming to fruition.

John Daly. Topless.

Yes, you’ve seen the pictures and heard all about it but thanks to the awesomeness that is Stephanie Stradley, we now have the YouTube. In case you aren’t familiar, John Daly was playing the links at a Branson, Missouri golf course and decided to do an interview with OzarksFirst.

Without his shirt. Incredible. And now you can see for yourself.

Oddly enough, the golf course this was happening at is called Murder Rock. After seeing John Daly swing his clubs in a shirtless manner, it’s easy to see why.

Atlanta To Boston: It Ain’t Gonna Be Easy

Joe Johnson and Josh Smith

Who would’ve thought this would happen — besides, perhaps the Atlanta Hawks players? Who would thought the Hawks would actually be able to challenge, let alone win two games, against the best regular season team in the NBA, the Boston Celtics? If you say “you did,” you’re lying. Hell, even the Atlanta fans couldn’t have believed this.

Of course, the Hawks aren’t known for having the most supportive fans.

That is, until the NBA Playoffs come along. Then they act like Hawks lifers. Ah, the bandwagon. Ain’t it a wonderful thing? Conversely, it does help your fanhood when you have a couple of players to attach your wagon to and the Hawks have just that in Joe Johnson and Josh Smith.

After being down by 10 points to start the 4th quarter, Smith and Johnson single-handedly brought the Hawks back to tie the series at two. I say single-handedly because in the 4th, the Hawks scored a whopping 32 points. ALL of them by Johnson and Smith. No Mike Bibby. No Josh Childress. All Smith and Johnson.

Quick, raise your hands if you thought the Celtics could get beat by two players. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Here’s another query — raise your hands if you EVER thought Kevin Garnett would back down from an opposing player getting in his face after KG initiated the whole thing.

Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you too.

Speaking of KG, where the heck were you in the 4th quarter, Big Ticket? Certainly not leading your team to victory… One thing’s for sure, whatever you or I thought about this series has certainly changed.


After last night’s 97-92 Hawks victory, the Celtics are facing something they haven’t all year: a little bit of adversity. How will the “Boston 3-Party” respond when they get back to Beantown, especially if Atlanta shows up with the same confidence they’ve shown at home? Speaking of confidence, how is Boston’s? Knowing they got turned away by two players has to sting.

Will they be able to recover or will the Hawks continue to shock the living hell out of the rest of the NBA Playoff audience? As you can imagine, Celtics fans are flabbergasted by this two-game outcome, much like the beat writers who cover the Hawks are. However, the levels of flabbergasted-ness run from one extreme (negative) to the other.

Boston’s perspective:

And instead of flashing gang symbols, maybe Paul Pierce should practice free throws or make some clutch baskets. While I am it, I’ll say that dope Mike Woodson is out-coaching Doc Rivers. And f**k you again Chris Wallace for trading Joe Johnson. We’re still paying for the mistakes that piece of s**t GM made 6 years ago. I’ll lose my mind if I hear another moron say Tony Allen is a lockdown defender and should have been covering Johnson in the 4th quarter. How about someone stepping into the lane and hacking Johnson? Maybe Doc could have tried this unique concept called a double-team?

I love it when fans get riled up at their team. It makes for some of the best sports reading out there.

NBA Playoffs: Swept Away

Kobe Bryant

Kobe and his band of merry Lakers swept the Denver Nuggets out of their no-defense-playing misery yesterday with a 107-101 victory last night. Kobe “MVP” Bryant led the way for the Lake Show with 31 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals. And while the MVP ballots are not supposed to take post-season play into consideration, it’s hard to believe the MVP voters didn’t notice last night’s performance by the “Black Mamba.”

If they were waiting for a last straw to present itself, Bryant just might have obliged them after destroying the Nuggets in a such dominating fashion. The Lakers were so good against Denver, the Nuggets, led by an unhappy Carmelo Anthony, almost collapsed on themselves when Anthony threw the entire team under the proverbial bus after getting smashed in game 3. While Denver deserves some credit for playing hard last night, they still could not stop the Lakers from scoring. At all. Ever.

Over at the LA Times’ Lakers blog, it was mentioned the Lakers played an ugly game and still won. I’m not sure, but most ugly NBA games don’t put over 200 combined points on the scoreboard — unless, of course, there is absolutely no defense being played at all… Maybe they ARE on to something here.

For the series, Kobe averaged 33.5 points and pretty much did exactly what he wanted to, whenever he wanted. Is that the definition of MVP? We’ll soon see. In other news, I wonder if Beatrix Kiddo approves of Kobe’s “Black Mamba” nickname?

The Bride

Well, at least their uniforms match.

Next up for the Lakers, the winner of the Utah/Houston series which may or may not be decided tonight.

Roger Clemens = Munsoned

Roy Munson

The Urban Dictionary defines Munsoned as — To have the whole world in the palm of your hand and then piss it all away.

Funny, that sounds exactly what’s been happening with Roger Clemens, no matter how much he maintains his innocence. Apparently, ESPN is thinking the same thing and thanks to the Mindy McCready deal, they aren’t afraid to let him know about it*:


I’m thinking they ran out of room for the “ed” but the message is still clear. Clemens appears to be quite Munsoned.

*Apologies to ESPN writer, Lester Munson.

Don’t Disagree With Chris Mortensen

Chris Mortensen

See what I mean? He’s liable to give you icy stare of death if you do. Just ask Chris Berman (who might actually deserve such stares — like Sooze asked during the draft, “is Berman drunk?” — considering the shell of his former self he’s become) who was on the receiving end of one of these looks when the guys started discussing small school wide receivers versus BCS school receivers.

Mort was absolutely, well, mortified he had to bring up the name “Jerry Rice” to make his point. It also looks like ESPN’s NFL man is about to call someone f**king stupid, but he refrains. However, his defiant/you-really-want-to-challenge-me-on-this look is solid gold. So much so, that Steve Young has to tell him to calm down.

I guess the day was beginning to wear on them some. It’s either that or Mort had had enough of Berman’s prattle. Both are probably correct.

Does anyone else have the fear of God put into them upon seeing Mort’s icy death stare? I’ll certainly not cross his path anytime soon.