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Archive for March, 2008

The Heat Are Really, Really, Really Bad

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17 field goals. SEVENTEEN. That’s all the Miami Heat — as a team — could must after four quarters of basketball last night in Boston. They finished 17-59, although, they were without Shawn Marion, who is out with back-spasms and Dwyane Wade, who’s out for the season.

Seven… I say, seventeen son (Foghorn Leghorn)… or only four more than David West had last night against the Raptors. In the Warriors/Mavericks game and Josh Howard and Monta Ellis combined to make 26 out of 51 baskets.

How bad is your team when two players in another game can out-shoot the nine players Pat Riley used in Heat/Celtics game?

Oh wait, he was watching college basketball. I guess he’s not to blame. Moving on.

The game was so bad, not one of the Celtics big three played longer than 25 minutes. A normal NBA game is, of course, 48. This means the Heat were so very bad, the Celtics only needed their starters for what amounts to one half of basketball.

Futility, a state that’s captured brilliantly in this photo of Ricky Davis, captures all that needs to be said about Miami’s effort quite nicely:

Ricky Davis

Paul Pierce summed it up thusly, “They got D-Leaguers out there, so I think we just handled our business.”

NBA Fan Ejected for Gambling Reference?

Ethan over at SECFootballBlogger and NESWsports sent me a heads-up about this and I’m not sure what to make of it. Apparently, the fan in the video got ejected because he was making comments related to gambling and the ref, Joe Forte, overheard and was not pleased.

The fan set up a YouTube page explaining his side of things, complete with the vid-cap of him getting escorted out. However, you cannot hear what’s being said between the fan and Forte. Take a look for yourself:

The YouTuber responsible for the upload offered a long explanation on the video page, offering an explanation of what we are watching:


referee(with no hesitation): THATS NOT FUNNY!THATS NOT FUNNY!YOUR OUTTA HERE!!

Next, he repeatedly blows his whistle and signals for a red suited security guard to eject me from the game!(you can see the worst GM of all time Elgin Baylor in the backround). then the nba lead security questions me in the tunnel for 10 minutes and writes a report for league officials to investigate. he then takes my tickets and orders 10 red suited security guards to throw me out of the arena immediately(which is not shown on camera).

He goes on to say he’s seeking legal satisfaction and is planning on suing the NBA, although, perhaps this is just said poster being flippant:

[FOLLOW UP]- i am currently seeking legal actions against the clippers, the NBA, and commissioner David Stern.

i’m seeking a $2.11 Billion lawsuit for fraud, gambling conspiracy, extortion, discrimination, pain and suffering,punitive damages, and a $10.50 New Castle.

Um, that’s Newcastle… Considering the timing of this, I’d say someone’s getting their April Fool’s Day on a little early.

Final Four Tickets

Final Four LogoAs a sports blog, it’s our duty to bring you sports news we think you’d like to hear about. As a sports blog that is provided by Ticket Solutions, it’s also our duty to inform you about certain sports ticket packages that are available through our parent company.

Naturally, this time of year is all about Final Four tickets and yes, we have do have availability and not just the expensive ones either.

So if you are a fan of UCLA or Kansas, North Carolina or Memphis and missed your school’s allotment dispersal, you are not out of options.

Ticket Solutions has Final Four tickets. So whether you’d like to be down close to the floor or up in the rafters, you have options. If you are fan of one of the four remaining teams or just a college basketball fan wanting to experience the spectacle in person, Ticket Solutions has a Final Four ticket package to accommodate you.

Nats Fans Love Bush

The Washington Nationals opened their new ballpark last night with a 3-2 victory over the Atlanta Braves. On hand to kick off the Nationals Park festivities was President George Bush (the Second) and the Nationals crowd made sure they discussed his approval rating the best way they new how: by booing him.

Judging by their reaction and by his impressive booth appearance (well, it was better than his press conferences on, say, Iraq), maybe he should have stayed in the baseball business.

The Fantastic Four


For the first time since they’ve started seeding, the NCAA Tournament finally has all four number one seeds in the Final Four. Your participants: Memphis, UCLA, Kansas and North Carolina. Did your bracket reflect this?

Whatever your thoughts on the teams remaining, it’s hard to deny they have been the best four teams in college basketball this season. Two have spent time in the top ranking (Memphis, North Carolina), while the other two didn’t spend much time at all outside of the top five.

While we are waiting for Saturday to arrive, here are some story lines to keep an eye on:

Can Bill Self get Kansas over the proverbial Championship hump? It’s about time that program won something, especially if they want to continue to be mentioned in the same sentence as Carolina, UCLA and Kentucky. One thing’s for sure, he certainly has the team to do so.

Can Memphis finish what the way they started? Over the past two tournament games, the Tigers have looked like one of the best teams remaining. Will this be the case next weekend?

Can Ben Howland actually win one of these Final Four appearances?

Will Roy Williams win another one, putting him right at the top for best coaches in college?

It should be fun seeing which one of these subjects becomes reality.

Dunking Your Way to the Elite 8

While everyone else is celebrating Stephen Curry (rightfully so), I thought I’d focus on the multiple-game dunking display we were privy to, because unlike Thursday, last night we saw a number of monster jams, punctuating some impressive performances.

Joey Dorsey and Derrick Rose both provided incredibly explosive buckets, as well as Brandon Rush, Darrell Arthur and Damion James — the latter, courtesy of a brilliant D.J. Augustin feed.

This brings up a point: with everyone talking about Tyler “The Hardest Working Player in Sports” Hansbrough and Michael Beasley when it comes to National Player of Year award and I can’t help but wonder why Augustin isn’t getting the same type of love.

Oh well. Another conversation for another time, I guess. As for Robin Lopez… well, there’s always Michelle Wie.

More of Friday’s Dunk-a-thon after the jump >>

Dancin’ At The Sweet 16: Kansas/Villanova, Wisconsin/Davidson

Sorry about these last two being jammed into one… time constraints and all. Anyway, here’s our picks for the other games:

Kansas – Villanova
Too much Kansas here. The Jayhawks are deeper and more talented and they look like they are on a Final Four mission.

Kansas – 85, Nova – 70

Wisconsin – Davidson
Can Stephen Curry shoot Davidson past the Badgers to the Elite 8 or will Bo Ryan’s masterful coaching style stymie the Davidson win streak?

Wisconsin – 65, Davidson – 64

Should be some great games tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow with an Elite 8 update. Enjoy the evening.

Dancin’ At The Sweet 16: Texas – Stanford


Our Call
The Lopez twins or A.J. Abrams and D.J. Augustin? That’s what this game comes down to. Can Texas withstand Stanford’s superior inside play? Can Stanford find anyone to neutralize Augustin and A.J. Abrams. Who wins out here? Size or guard play? You have to factor in the region they are playing in and when you do, it appears as if Texas has the upper hand. Although, I’m skeptical whether or not the Longhorns have an answer for the Lopez recursion.

Stanford – 80, Texas – 75